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Learn more. Last fall, I traveled to Los Angeles, California.

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A Tantric Massage in Los Angeles California might be one of the most exhilarating happenings for anyone. Most notably when paired with Sacred Yoni Massage the word "peacefulness. An expert well practiced therapist in Los Angeles CA may be just what you need to feel alive again. By using scented natural oils and teasing your sensory faculties the masseuse will clear the path. You merely lay back and have fun with the experience. In today's environment our existence has grow to be so fast paced and pre-occupied it occasionally contributes to unnecessary subconscious, physical and reproductive conditions.

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Allana shares how releasing trauma held in her body has lead to an embodied safety in receiving. Lauren shares how releasing emotions held in her pelvis facilitated her natural home-birth experience. The work we did together was remarkable and life-changing. You are such a tuned-in listener — really hearing not just my words, but the underlying messages of my body — with a powerful presence and impeccable boundaries.

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The TRE, the NeuroAffective Touch, the slow, careful, attentive Active Consent, and the pelvic bodywork helped me access emotion, clear nervous tension, gave me an experience of being completely nurtured and cared for, safe and relaxed with my nervous system finally! Our work together has been to this date one of the greatest investments I have ever made into my health and well-being. You will be in competent, mature and trusting hands when you work with him. He is extremely Yoni massage los angeles, professional, and completely committed to finding effective ways to help his clients heal.

My session with Rahi was honestly one of the most profound bodywork sessions I have ever received. As a Tantra teacher and Dakini, I am quite selective about who I choose to work with and I was blown away. Rahi deeply honors trauma and held deep presence as he listened to my body.

He touched into places of sacred stillness that my body craved in such an expert way. Time stood still as my tears melted years of emotional and physical pain away. The integrity and intentionality during each moment of the session allowed me to drop into the safety of being deeply held.

Founder, Sarasa Tantra. I felt so much energy move throughout my body and I felt my container expand to hold all of this energy… I felt I had permission to really let my sexuality and my pleasure move through me in the way that it wanted to move through me….

Pacific Palisades, CA. I discovered my body needs slow, deep, and still. I am more able to ask for what I really want — and he wants to give me what I really want. Our sex is slower and deeper and much more satisfying and fulfilling for both of us.

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But, also this has translated into asking for what I really want from him outside of sex which has deepened our level of intimacy and connection. I am a tantra teacher. In tantra, we train ourselves to move the sexual energy up the spine and circulate it through all the chakras, meridians, organs and glands so it can rejuvenate the body and create transcendent spiritual experiences. Rahi showed me where I had been bypassing my greater capacity for fully embodied pleasure, presence and fulfillmentby being too addicted to transcendent sexual energy and experiences.

He taught me to keep my attention on the sensations present in the pelvis and vagina.

The energy still rose in me but I felt connected to the root, grounded and very present in the sensations at the same time. Rahi holds an impeccable space for somatic sexual healing to unfold, resolve and release. His touch is totally wise and conscious and he stayed right with me, tracking my energy. He coached me through sensations until I was able to honor and integrate them.

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I have felt stronger, more grounded and more vital ever since. I felt like a delicate flower gracefully and slowly opening. In the subsequent days I had greater internal physical body awareness including how the mouth connects to the pelvis, the subtle differences between left and right sides of certain body parts, and the evolution of pain or neutral sensation to pleasure. Upon first contact with Rahi, I felt the gates to my sexual freedom creaking open. We talked about my upbringing, my past, my patterns and my pain. No stone was left unturned and it felt so good to verbally release these demons!

Next we did a series of exercises to release fear stored in the body.

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Finally, we went into his healing room where I was fully briefed about what to expect. The session started with a sensual massage that taught me how to stay present to sensation and receive pleasure. When we got to the inner pelvic work, there were tears. Deep, wracking sobs.

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Years of pain surfaced and eventually left my body. My body was then alive with energy — I felt electric currents vibrating in my arms and legs, and waves of pleasure undulating through me. It was amazing!

Intimacy with my partner has vastly improved as we both feel increased arousal and closeness. Possibilities seem endless.

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My body is beautiful, healthy and alive. I hope other women give themselves the gift of freedom through this amazing work. In our very first session, I felt strands of energy begin to connect from my pelvis up to my heart chakra, and from there, pulsating energy moving through my upper shoulders and head…. I feel Rahi is on the cutting edge of a wave of healing that is sweeping the Western world.

Because of the safety, wisdom and expertise Rahi provides, I feel Yoni massage los angeles taking back my feminine sexual power, desire and expression without apology. Thank YOU, Rahi. I am discovering what is possible when your body, heart and mind are one seamless unit of consciousness.

As a COO of a hi-tech company, I am in a male-dominated business environment and my work is highly analytical. I started seeing traces of masculinity etched in me physically, thus I started balancing my life through music and dancing. I had this deep yearning to feel more alive, yet was hesitant on the approach until I was introduced to Rahi and Somatic Sexual Wholeness.

There is a very important need that is not being filled by medicine or talk therapy. I experience my sessions as a commitment to self-discovery, healing, and the celebration of innate femininity. It takes courage to embark on this journey, but the resulting deep connection to the body and soul is invaluable. I am deeply grateful to Rahi for this transformative process.

So much guilt and shame I grew up with affecting my adult life just…. I can see that I am no longer seeking validation from the outside.

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And the release of anger I had towards men has been cathartic…. All of the love that I have been seeking my whole life has been here inside of me all along …. Your hands are magical, but your non-judgmental way and heartfelt listening makes it divine. I am happy to speak with anyone who is curious or interested in having a session with you. Such powerful work should be for everyone.

Zurich, Switzerland. I now begin to understand the connection between sexual energy and motivation…. Sexual energy feels like the grease that helps the chakra wheels glide and turn without obstruction. It feels like an integrating force in the body.

When you linked the sexual energy that was flowing in me with universal and human love, it felt exactly right… that was what I was feeling in my body. Also for me to dispel false myths that my body is not ready for intimacy, for me to see that my body is in fact ready, it is my mind that gets in the way….

Advantages of sacred yoni massage through tantric massage in los angeles california

San Francisco, CA. H aving been a Doctor of Oriental Medicine for 20 years, as well as personally navigating and taming cervical cancer for the last 8, I have done it all. Nothing has been as profound however, as the healing experiences I have had working with Rahi Chun. I have experienced a fundamental resurrection. My whole pelvic floor has come alive, more than it ever was, even before the 6 surgeries.

Frozen traumatic energy has been liberated and transmuted, fueling enormous amounts of motivation, confidence, stamina, and creativity. Working with Rahi has allowed me to reclaim libido for my own life, the fuel of my couragethe ability to tell the difference between disassociated neutrality and active surrender, and the radiant independent pleasure of my own sex. Intimacy in my relationship is now glowing with authenticity and free form flow. The transformations have been rapid and the change sustained. The journey will not be what you can imagine and has a price above rubies.

My yoni is thrilled that I can feel and listen to her more deeply. She is thrilled to be awakened and recharged. I feel like I am actually connecting to the central power spot of my whole being now. There is much more available to me than I have ever experienced. Your touch and our intention turned the lights on and brought me back to life. It was a homecoming…. It was enormously pleasurable in new ways, as well as electric and empowering for my energy field.

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The emotion that I felt at the end of the session was joy and gratitude for deeper communion with myself, for coming home to myself. Yet my sessions with Rahi led me to releasing core wounds keeping me from experiencing both subtle and profound sensual and sexual pleasures. Now I experience more sensation, aliveness, and joy in love-making, and feel lighter and more pleasure and wholeness in my entire body.