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If you've ever devoted an entire Saturday to a yard sale, but only earned a few dollars, you've probably questioned your selling technique. Yet, for every yard sale failure there's a person who sits in front of a computer screen wondering why she can't earn a profit selling her items online.

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The main differences are expertise and professional help. A tag sale is an upgrade from a traditional yard sale or unmediated online sale of used items. Whether someone is moving, downsizing, liquidating an estate, or simply removing some of their clutter they need to sell some possessions. Unlike a garage sale, tag sales are usually managed by professionals, like Max Sold. Our local team comes on site to do the catag, measuring, describing, and photographing of items. Once the auction is online, our thousands of local bidders then bid on those items, dramatically increasing their price.

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Sell everything

Toggle. It is one where a small team of people take on the responsibility of pricing, and negotiating the sale of your assets, typically over a time frame of one, two, or three days with hundreds of people going through the home during this short time period of time.

Prices are set and then potentially discounted as time progresses. The best result they can offer is that everything sells for a fair price. MaxSold, unlike a tag or content sale, leverages the natural competitive forces of the marketplace to drive prices to their highest level within a given time frame.

Each item that is for sale is carefully photographed and catalogued. The catalogue is then verified by product experts and sent to the seller for approval before it is listed online. Marketing is done to bring exposure to thousands of MaxSold followers by placing newspaperonline listings, phone calls to dealers and resellers, and flyers sent via Canada Post, etc. Unlike a tag sale, buyers can view the catalogue online and begin bidding right away rather than being obliged to attend an event on a specific day.

What is a tag sale? is it different than a yard sale or craigslist?

This method allows for a controlled and orderly process with great respect for the property. Buyers are able to preview the items online, come for a live preview supervised by MaxSold and bid again and again until the highest offer is achieved for each and every item for sale. MaxSold supports buyers and answers any questions they may have during the process.

Also different from a tag sale is the inventory reporting, transparency and money collection.

Some companies keep a register at the front door, but ability is difficult to establish when it is busy. You have to establish a great deal of trust to have them manage your items and cash collection with little inventory control or up-front reporting. With MaxSold, inventory is established up-front, and bidders, sellers, family members from near and far can always see exactly what the high bid is and how the event ends with MaxSold for each item. All funds including taxes are collected by MaxSold and there is never a doubt about everything being ed for.

Check out our murfreesboro location! just click and drag to rotate the camera or click on the arrows to move around the store!

The reporting is clear, and timely. The process is completed between the time you secure a firm sale on your home and the closing date. MaxSold has a minimum of 10, item views and hundreds of bidders in the span of one week. Finally, throughout the process, MaxSold staff is only a phone call or e-mail away.

What's an estate sale vs. auction?

Comparing MaxSold to eBay, Kijiji, Craigslist These mechanisms are setup to sell single or multiple items with the seller doing all the work. It works well for sellers who are comfortable with technology and have time to manage the sale without constraints to have everything sold within a fixed timeframe.

However, it is impractical for people downsizing or having an estate sale who have 10s of things to sell and prefer to employ a fully managed catag, marketing, invoicing and checkout process. Comparing MaxSold to a Live Auction Over the years live auctions have become less relevant due to the high cost of delivering the mechanism "on site" and the still high cost of gathering the saleable goods and trucking them to a location where they can be combined with the goods of other sellers to spread the overhead among several sellers.

Live auction will continue to be of value for higher end or specialty items, but will continue on the road to impracticality for the vast majority of sellers.

MaxSold maximizes sales without the costs assoicated with packing or moving. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Items s FAQs. Sell Everything Sell your goods easily and profitably from an estate, downsizing, or relocation by Aug 4th.

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