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They come from very different worlds--with Bruce Wayne being the billionaire orphan hailing from the crime-ridden urban hellscape of Gotham City and Diana being demigod royalty from the hidden island of Themyscira.

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Skip ! Story from Movies. Elena Nicolaou. Not only would there be sexual tension in Justice League between Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Batman — the dynamic had been deliberately heightened in reshoots with Whedon.

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We've seen it played up in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, not to mention in Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke's run on JLADiana explored multiple worlds where they were married after they kissed on the job. Now, come Sensational Wonder Woman 6, we get a bit more romantic chemistry between them as they go on their coolest and most dangerous date ever! This story focuses on a Gotham City Museum benefit Bruce is hosting to raise funds, auctioning off relics as part of his philanthropy drive.

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Diana's on the guest list and as they flirt, Bruce makes it clear he needed someone to be there who wasn't boring. He's got puppy loves eyes, coming off as cute as ever as he didn't invite any other teammates. However, the gala cascades into a chilly reception for none other than Mr. He and his goons crash the party with their ice guns, freezing up everyone.

Bruce is incapacitated as he didn't walk with his Bat-suit and his tux can't withstand sub-zero temperatures.

Is batman dating wonder woman in 5g/future state?

Diana can, though, and the Amazon shows Bruce just what a god's blood can do. She's got her suit on under her dress but the thing is, she couldn't bring weapons in as that would have set scanners off and alerted people to her identity. But she's quick-thinking and jacks a Roman soldier exhibit, rocking his shield and wielding his spear. With these weapons, Diana goes into war-modecrushing Freeze's ice barriers, beating down his thugs and basically letting him know nothing here will be stolen and sold to fund his experiments.

She's a history buff, after all, leaving Bruce with egg on his face that he can't help out.

They even turn it into a superhero date. It ends with Diana catching a giant ice block and smashing Freeze with it.

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With the war won, she changes back and continues flirting with Bruce who can't help but be in awe. It's nice to see him not hiding it, and makes us wonder why DC didn't have them become a power couple in the New 52 as opposed to her and Superman. And what makes this adventure so rife with potential is Diana asks him about the next party, confirming she wants to be his date again next month.

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