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Women are idiots am seeking somebody that like reading

Queer college women experience some of the highest rates of unwanted sex but remain some of the most overlooked in research. Perhaps due to their position away from heteronormative sexual scripts or experiences of having sex with people of different genders, findings also suggest that non-heterosexual women are in a better position to more clearly identify and articulate when their sexual wants are misunderstood or ignored particularly by male partners. The data presented here come from a study conducted by Dr.

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In my opinion most women seen dumb not because they are submissive which in fact is a necessary trait for women who seek to marry a leader, successful, alpha or ambitious male, aren't created to seek out wives that compete with them for authority, that is an unchangeable fact that women should accept if they must keep a man and a successful family it's that they are so easily deceived by any ideology that puts on a female empowering tone and completely accept the remainder of it's content even when it's false, ideas such as not catering to your husband's ego are bound to create a gap in the intimacy, after all why should a Women are idiots make a woman feel loved and respected like she needs to thrive when his woman refuses to make him feel and treat him like the King in castle?

It's a selfish ideology to expect then to care to our needs and ignore theirs, after all men thrive and remain in relationships where they are shown utmost respect assuming he truly loves his womanits a give and take matter and most most women are easily deceived Women are idiots ignoring this fact or challenging natural male psychology as tho men are wrong for wanting to be treated as king yet we should be treated as queens. So many women are the common factor in their failed relationships and are too blind to see that THEY are the problem, their emotions and ego cause them to completely reject logic, they want to be God recreate man in her own preference.

If a trait is common to most men it is a part of their natural state. Many men overlook the foolish things their women do especially young women and still treat us with love and care. Most women when are still young and immature including myself believe that we are the center of attention and any man would be lucky to have us, and we fail to improve ourselves and desirability, are obsessed with airing our opinions no matter how foolish they sound even after we've been proven wrong, we are loud and argumentative and wonder why our relationships crumble, we want men to understand us yet we refuse to understand them, we are always right no matter how many times we've been proven wrong, it is simply immaturity and nothing more should be expected than failure when we refuse to learn and accept facts.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in building your man's ego and making him feel so good he runs to you when life outside of home has fatigued him, we should learn to give it we are to receive, we are not stupid for having a successful marriage, rather the fools are those who are stuck in a bitter state that blocks their reasoning and allows their emotions to destroy a good relationship when they finally find one. A foolish woman fails to distinguish between mere emotions and truth. Now I'm saying this from the perspective of a woman that has a great husband that takes care of me and our kids and is supportive of my career, and I expect myself to be nothing short of his peaceful oasis, this makes him run to me only when he's down but even when he's excited and happy he wants to share that energy with me.

The article seems to speak to bitter and older single women with failed relationships. Initially as a young woman I hated the fact that men could continue to produce offspring until they die and could easily abandon and replace any woman that they felt was too stressful, Women are idiots talkative, argumentative and refusing to learn and be molded into what the man she has chosen needs her to be.

Apart from bitter women and older single women and young immature women not all young women are mentally immature, many are, even older women in their middle 30's are feminists also maintain this anti male dominance mindset for too long and realize the reality when it is too late and they are no longer desirable to men, get stuck in a state of bitterness. I'm speaking for the good men out there that care of home, they deserve everything they need from their woman.

Women that are in happy relationships and are happily submissive to their men, shouldn't allow negative ideas about men pollute their minds and destroy their happy relationships, we not superior to our men, and we are not meant to be the King in our relationships, we are equal but meant to be queens in order for peace and harmony, treat your man like less then be ready to accept less from him.

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As for the bad and incapable men, the weak men, the wicked men, I do not consider them as men and I do not address them bcos any self respecting woman will stay far away from such. Many women come from broken or cracked homes and have nothing to pattern their relationships after, so they carry on the same mistakes and negative cycle, beats me why we don't learn from the mistakes of our mothers, aunt's, cousins etc and learn from the women that have maintained successful relationships.

Many women secretly or sub consciously want to be the man, so they are not submissive and very rebellious towards men. Such women should ask themselves if they truly want to be in a heterosexual relationship.

Finally, women are not dumb, many of us just fail or refuse to learn from the past and accept the facts no matter if we like them or not, so we make the same mistakes over and over and don't learn until we have lost what it takes to attract and keep a man loyal, and we place our focus on the bad men and bad past experiences and have so much baggage then wonder why we don't Women are idiots successful relationships with our men. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or derived from.

Why I think women are stupid Why do women make monkeys of themselves repeatedly in their intimate relationships with men?

The simple truth to a complicated relationship

When will we learn? Lubna Khan August 30, More by this writer. You are so not Prince Charming. Where have all the good men gone?. Reality40 2 years ago Reply When were these women ever normal? The Sad Truth 2 years ago Reply Well when were they ever normal to begin with?

The Truth 3 years ago Reply This is why good men stay single with all these kind of women that are everywhere now unfortunately.

Especially today. And The Truth Is 4 years ago Reply Well the way that they act with us men really proves it since they have such foul mouths nowadays which makes most of them real losers anyway.

I regret to inform you once again that the thing you like is actually bad

The GD Truth 5 years ago Reply women like being treated badly and insulted to their face, lied to, etc. Because it fulfills a instinctual genetic disposition to logical reasoning.

Obviously you can't tell a stranger lady that she's horrible and expect her to fall in love with you. But if you subtly tell someone that "she's beautiful no matter what anyone says" it's got a double meaning to them. And women my friends love to be subtly clued in that they are realistically and pragmatically inferior to men.

It's just nature people. Absolutely 5 years ago Reply Well most of them that work at a Doctor's office sure are. Maybe it's precislely women like her that is a laaaarge part of all women the reason, why ppl see women as stupid. It thus is a fact-fased look at things resp. Maybe women are the reason why ppl see women as more stupid as men.

Your data. your experience.

True 6 years ago Reply Who said they Weren't? Sarah 9 years ago Reply I do not like when you said: "Sadly, a woman treated cruelly by a man, abandoned by one, physically abused by him, left and dumped for another woman will be on the look out for another such character! As far as I am concerned she deserves what she gets!

Nor do you seem to understand the complex psychology of abuse. Until you do, I think it is ignorant of you to say this. Its a horrible thing but women that are smart sometimes let go of the things men that they love say because they are convince that we can give them a benefit of doubt. Saying Women are idiots not perfect, i know its a lie but its not a big lie so i can live with that. Women just needs to know boundaries and value themselves and know that they are worth it.

Qasim 9 years ago Reply um? Osama Sarwar 9 years ago Reply A very well-composed article Lubna but, biased. Haroon 9 years ago Reply Anyone with little knowledge of Pakistani Scoiety knows that there is huge trend among Pakistani men to marry educated women All men want their women to be intelligent, well educated and well awared of current situation of world in all respects so that they can be better life partner not just better burden of life.

Ever increasing of women in higher educational institute is clear indication that men want their women to well educated not just wives but even sisters and daughters. One thing men hate about women is their extra cleverness Being educated is not a to ruin a relationship which existed even before her birth. Aiman 9 years ago Reply Such sexist articles, I dont understand what's going on in this world! Why are women comparing themselves to men? Men are desperate on a whole higher level, while women are strong enough to not lose their regiments when they see a hot guy. Okay, I'm not comparing but I'm just saying that they're made biologically, mentally and physically different, so why is the trophy of fire being juggled around like this?

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Stop trying to be like the other sex, why do we forget that men actually leave their seats for a woman to sit down in a metro, and that women are given more respect in the society, atleast in the islamic society where women respect hasn't been exploited unlike the western society where women are treated the same way as men, respected but like a man being respected hence no esteem here, pushed and touched in buses, no concept of 'women first' and respect for them is not even a concern. Sanaa 9 years ago Reply "They can be very assertive with everyone, but place them opposite their lover and they start stuttering" - Seriously??

The whole tone of this article reeks of a woman scorned in love! Very disappointing! All-Bro-Caveman 9 years ago Reply I think you are being too cruel on women. I believe men are as stupid as women actually I don't like Women are idiots use that word for anyone but at a different occasion than dating.

Men and women are made by nature the way they act and no one taught or brainwashed them as such. Nature is wild, survival of the fittest, of the quick and the charming. We must understand human nature is very close to animal nature when it comes to breeding priorities and ancestry rights.

Whole sexual episode is animal in nature there is nothing angelical about it. Marriage, dating or child bearing goal can't be otherwise. So now the most innocent and stupid acting female is the one who wins a males heart. She now after landing the male must get back to reality soon or she will be very stupid.

Generally the male follow their wrong head and so can easily be seduced by such a show. Women should thank God for the other head or they didn't have a chance.

Hamid Shah 9 years ago Reply its so convenient to blame and bash men all the time. Women in Pakistan do not like nice guys and just love the bad boys I do not like the way that men are stereotyped as being mean and insensitive, there are the odd idiots here and there but not like how its shown here that our men just love to subjugate women. You havent seen how the goras treat their women in this regard.