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I liked search girl that wants Why is it hard to find a what i want

Posted September 14, Reviewed by Lybi Ma. To create a fulfilling life, we need to know what fulfills us.

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In her research, Fishbach has identified some simple tactics: Set goals that are intrinsically rewarding, and make them very specific. Reward yourself in the right way for getting things done. And use social influence: Let high performers inspire you, boost your get-up-and-go by giving advice, and keep the people you want to succeed for front of mind.

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Everyone talks about how important it is to find and live your calling.

What if your calling has changed over time? Is it OK to want many different things out of life? How do you know if you are living your best life? Self-discovery can be a challenging and often never-ending pursuit.

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Human beings are complex and constantly undergo developmental changes. Likewise, the market and demand of the culture can be fickle and is in a constant state of flux.

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Therefore, if you find it difficult to figure out what you really want in life, you are not alone. No life form exists that is static, and human beings are a prime example. Philosophers have proposed that the entire purpose of life is to discover your true nature. Individuals who have curious minds want to learn about themselves and the world in which they live. Like an onion, as we uncover one layer of ourselves, a new layer is revealed. This self-discovery process never ends.

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Once you accept the process, rather than the destination as your guide, you can relax into doing what you want in this moment in time and being open to changing desires in the future. We cannot stop change. Doing so le to death. Ideally one follows their intuition while navigating the outer world with mastery.

Cultures throughout the world have established norms as to what is proper and acceptable behavior. Rules are necessary in order to have a functional society; however, it can be taken to an extreme, particularly when for-profit businesses get their hands in the influential mix.

The decision must come from within you in order to produce satisfaction. One of the best ways to focus on your intuition and determine what is truly desirable to you is to pay attention to your body sensations. If something le to contraction and unpleasant body sensations, these cues should be honored.

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The masses of people live in fear presently. People block a lot of what they want because they can think of endless reasons to be afraid and it takes courage to have faith and receive criticism from others for stepping out on a limb.

Some studies suggest that the biggest fear of Generation Y adults currently age is not fitting in and being approved of by their peers. Though there are no quick solutions to this dilemma, patience, perseverance, and confidence must be practiced.

6 reasons why it’s hard to figure out what you really want out of life

Keep your eye on the prize and know that in the end others will admire you for your bravery and originality. Most importantly, you will respect yourself for staying true to yourself. What matters is that you exercised courage in the name of alignment with the spirit within. A key learning point in my psychotherapy training was that our perspectives change over time. This statement is true even for very specific incidents.

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For example, asyou may have feared being left alone in your room, while as an adult you may love alone time. Or, perhaps you had an argument with someone years ago that now, looking back, you see in a different light. The reason for these perspective shifts is that time and experience change our thinking. An event may happen that inspires you to advocate for a particular cause that you may have not cared about in the past.

In order to navigate the uncertainties of life and what the future holds, you must be alert for messages and synchronicities in your life.

How to keep working when you’re just not feeling it

If an opportunity presents itself that was not part of your plan, it could be the universe directing you toward an ultimate destiny of which you are not yet aware. Remember that there is always a force larger than you at play. All the twists and turns it takes to get to the ultimate destination is part of the destination, the same way that running a marathon is the main event that precedes crossing the finish line.

The next time you find yourself in an undesirable circumstance, you must remember that it only serves to enhance a future desirable circumstance.

Those things are what you are meant to express and achieve in your lifetime! Every moment offers a new reality, a new perspective, and a new set of choices. You are the artist and the world is your canvas. You are here to create.

These factors may cloud your perception.

Finding what you really want in life is hard. Even though I knew what excited me asit took me several careers and many twists and turns to arrive at my passion. Furthermore, my passion and the opportunities I seize continue to unfold in unexpected ways. You, too, can find your way with a balance of openness and staying true to your heart at any given time. A big part of development is self-discovery, which lasts a lifetime.

Many people were not raised to lead using their intuition, but instead focus outwardly to determine what is correct. As humans develop through the lifecycle, their perspectives and attitudes change. Rewards come to those who follow their longings and their desire for truth. Life is infinite.

There is no end to it; no final destination. Big Idea Finding what you really want in life is hard.

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Andreah September 28, at PM. Thank you! Related Topics: Motivation. Recommended Reading.