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One of the most beneficial devotional practices I've found is putting myself in the shoes of Biblical characters. It has allowed me to form an emotional connection with them.

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These three young, Hebrew men were in exile in Babylon when they were thrown into a fiery furnace for their refusal to bow down and worship an idol.

They said. But even if He does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.

Daily devotional

It takes great faith to believe God is able to deliver us from our difficulties. This type of radical faith is not formed through a life of ease, where everything goes according to our plans. This faith is formed in the crucible of persecution. There are many people in the Persecuted Church who may not have extensive theological knowledge, but they have lived through difficulties which have given their faith the opportunity to become deep and powerful.

Persecution provides the opportunity to develop radical faith. Dare to Ask God to give you a radical faith that is not dependent on your circumstances so when you face persecution, your faith will not waiver.

Do not waiver in faith!

Will you with Christians around the world in this global prayer movement? Choosing what's right can be tough. If Awatef compromised and broke the law to save my job, what message would that send about the Savior she represents? Saying yes to God can be difficult, especially when He calls you to leave everything. God opened a door for Chhuana but would he go?

Our faith may waiver, but god fulfills his promises

Here's his story. During our lives, certain choices shape and define who we are and where we are going. When faced with these questions, what will we do?

Shih-Ming knew the Holy Spirit was calling him to prepare. Even though he didn't know yet what it was for, he still trusted God. This is his story. Being sure of God's purpose for your life is one of the greatest things a Christ-follower can know.

Through an act of bold obedience, Diego has been living out his purpose as an influential leader for the last decade.

Don’t allow your faith to waiver….

Through boldly obeying God's calling, Saul experienced healing and found the strength to forgive. Trusting God can be difficult, especially when we don't know how things will turn out. Gordon's story of bold obedience shows us how God is faithful. Ramiro had a successful career when God gave Him a vision for the future.

Don't waver in your faith

He had to make a bold choice to trust that God would provide the way. Jimmy's future plans were already set in his mind, but when he took a challenge to ask God what was next for him in his life, he was faced with a bold choice to trust God. When faced with an all-or-nothing decision, he chose Christ.

Through his obedience, Mezgebu has witnessed thousands come to know Jesus. Be inspired.

Find out how he took bold steps for the Gospel. God placed a burden on David's heart to leave his home nation, and with bold obedience, go into nations where the Gospel was heavily restricted.

October 21, Dare to Ask God. Saying Yes to God. God's Response to Our Faithfulness. Be Prepared for Tomorrow by Obeying Today.

Finding Your Purpose. Heal and Forgive. From Baker to Disciple-Maker.

God Will Provide. Your Next Thing. When the World Rejects You. Ablaze with The Gospel.

Worth the Risk.