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What your horoscope says about you woman hunt for boy to naughties

Well, me too guys, me too! But do YOU?

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Your Zodiacor starreflects the position of the sun when you were born. With its strong influence on your personality, character, and emotions, your is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and your relationships.

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Grace McGettigan. Jennifer McShane. Do you believe in horoscopes?

Some of us just read them for fun, while others avoid them at all costs. But does your star represent you? Find out below. They like to work with their hands and will spend as much time on any given task as is necessary. They make very trustworthy employees and reliable friends.

What your horoscope says about you in september

However, Taureans tends to be stubborn; they stick to their own way of thinking and are reluctant to move away from that. Geminis are curious and open-minded, making them particularly good writers and artists. However, they can be indecisive and inconsistent. On the plus side, they are loyal and sympathetic. But, they can also be moody.

Astrology zodiac s

Cancers lack patience and can occasionally be selfish. If stressed, they relax most when near or in water. They love the theatre, having fun with friends and expensive things. Like everyone though, Leos have their downsides.

This can be their downfall, though. Virgos are often overly critical of themselves, putting themselves under huge pressure to achieve the best possible. That being said, Virgos also have big hearts. They are loyal and empathetic, making them good nurses and caregivers though careers in writing are common among this star too.

Here’s what your star says about your personality

They value individuality and are proud to be themselves. Libras value intellect and like to be stimulated by thoughtful conversations.

They care about facts and asserting the truth, all the while being resourceful and passionate. However, this secretive nature can sometimes be seen as a bad thing. Scorpios are also prone to jealousy, which can be harmful to their relationships. They love to travel and are enthusiastic about exploring new places with new people. People born under this hate clingy people. They prefer to be free and independent, rather than have others hold them back. They excel in management roles because of their ability to make plans and follow through with them.

They have great self-control, which is good, but it can sometimes make them appear stand-offish. Capricorns enjoy music and value their family above all else. They enjoy meaningful conversations, as well as carrying out humanitarian work. Aquarians thrive within a community setting and they care deeply for people, from all walks of life. They enjoy musicals and romance, though they are prone to avoiding reality.

What does your zodiac say about you?

Digital illustration by Laura Kenny. By Shayna Sappington.

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What your zodiac says about you

Katie Hopkins is being deported from Australia for flouting quarantine laws and bragging about it Sarah Finnan. Do you suffer with sleep anxiety? These 5 things should help Jennifer McShane.

The best summer dresses to enjoy the glorious Irish sunshine in Sarah Finnan. Get ready for summer beach days with these colourful accessories Megan Burns. Read time: 5 minutes. How well does your star reflect your personality? Aquarius, January 20 — February Also Read.