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There are an estimatedRomani in the United Kingdom, with almost all living in England. Most Romanichal speak Angloromania mixed language involving the blending of Romani vocabulary with English syntax. The word "Romanichal" is derived from Romani chalwhere chal is Angloromani for "fellow".

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Who knew?

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When My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding premiered in Britain in Februaryas a one-off documentary, it became an instant hit, attracting close to nine million viewers and making it the highest rated Channel 4 documentary show ever. It was so popular, in fact, that another five episodes were commissioned and aired to spectacular ratings and, this week, the series has jumped across the pond for its North American debut. Part of the appeal, of course, is the mystique of the gypsy, and the historic and ongoing persecution of their lifestyle, of the centuries-old nomadic bent of ethnic European gypsies to live outside the mainstream, travelling in caravans and often squatting on public land.

Gypsies traditionally earned money from tinkering and horse breeding, but there has long been a widespread view that they are brawling, illiterate and given to thievery, which has pitted them against traditional society in cities all over the world. Who knew that gypsy girls are raised from birth to know that their lot in life is to snag a man, that they are bred to be housewives and that, if they do everything right, they are sure to be married to a young hard-working travelling man by the time they are 16 or In fact, that is their singular goal.


Who knew that while gypsies practise, and espouse, age-old traditions, they also embrace modern-day pop culture, especially the young girls, whose hooker-like overt sexuality and skimpy, glittery dress code is something out of Toddlers and Tiaras meets Jersey Shore. They gyrate like Beyonce and are spray-tanned like Snooki, pretty much from the age of six on. Who knew they were so rich?

Which brings us to the wedding dresses, crafted with an outrageous over-the-topness that also extends to bridesmaids and flower girls, but not so much to the grooms, who 10 minutes into the wedding reception have invariably stripped down to a wife-beater tank in anticipation of the obligatory food fight with the wedding cake. These dresses are so heavy — some weight close to pounds, what with the crystals and plus petticoats and, in one case, the built-in moving diamante butterflies and twinkle lights — that they leave permanent scars.

The documentary bent of the six-part series also examines, with much sympathy, how gypsies have been persecuted for centuries, how illiteracy and domestic abuse are becoming more common, and how entire gypsy communities are forced to buy land as campgrounds as a place to park their caravans and develop gypsy neighbourhoods, often because they are not allowed to build on the land. In one show, a town council votes to evict the gypsies and the show looks at the impact on families, especially the young children, as they watch security guards arresting protestors while huge diggers rip apart their trailers.

My big fat gypsy secrets

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is shocking, endearing, puzzling and informative. And impossible not to watch.

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