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This holiday has a lot to do with gifts, flowers, dinner reservations, and chocolate candies.

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Valentine's Day Origins: Fox News spoke to expert Nikki Lewis who deals with love year-round to learn more about the heart-filled holiday. We once spoke with Dr. Randy Schroeder.

According to Schroeder, the key is keeping things exciting. For the best Valentine's Day possible, Schroeder recommends choosing a "surprise" that is meaningful for your partner. For example, those who are comfortable dining out can visit a restaurant they've never had the time to try. Otherwise, the two of you can at least order some takeout from a favorite fancy spot. If they like ice cream, take them to an ice cream parlor that you have never tried before.

If they like going for a walk in the park, take them to a park that you have never walked in before. It is important for both of you to be self-sacrificing with surprises as well as both of you accepting responsibility for those surprises.

Do you enjoy hiking or biking, or even taking a long drive? An outdoor picnic can be staged on the cheap too, if the weather allows it. When it comes to going out or staying in, Schroeder recommends the former.

While he acknowledged that some couples need to stay in, due to "children or limited finances," he still advises finding a way to get out of the house, even for just a bit. I have had couples who thought outside the box and went to eat eggs and toast for breakfast on a Saturday morning for one hour, and they had a great time together and that led to a wonderful weekend.

For whatever reason, going outside the home and spending time communicating, even for one hour, strengthens a heart connection even more.

Although, Schroeder did acknowledge that "picking up a pizza and watching a movie together on the sofa" can be nice as well. And maybe still surprise them with a present, even just something small, or card or note for Valentine's Day, even if you can't celebrate it with them that day. It is a privilege, not an obligation, to spend time together on a daily basis, not just on Valentine's Day. One-on-one time, talking with each other, and touching each other frequently during your Valentine's Day outing is what will be especially meaningful for both of you.

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