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I can have anything I want. From the time I was a little girl, I was a perfectionist. When my mother would ask me to do something; I did it right away. My handwriting was neat and my bed had no wrinkles. I craved the approval of others like oxygen.

I could achieve a certain outcome because of my own behavior. I claimed Psalm for myself without truly understanding the meaning.

The desires of our hearts

I only needed to put Him first. I learned this the hard way.

I had friends struggling to get pregnant and others facing divorce. My misguided heart would wonder: what did they do wrong for God to take away something they wanted? Then my own world began to crumble as we went through a very rough adoption process. Again Psalm came to mind.

How could this verse mean what I always thought it to mean? I put God first. I did what He wanted. So why was life so hard? Bible verses were never meant to be read in isolation. God gives us both promises and principles in Scripture. The promises are things we know for sure will happen. Many commentaries believe Psalm 37 to be a teaching psalm. Another interesting fact is that it is an alphabetical Psalm : in somewhat broken order, the first letters of the verses follow the Hebrew alphabet.

Can i make god give me the desires of my heart?

The psalmist wanted to teach a lesson about life: If we go our own way, the way of the wicked, we will face hardship. The same can be said about Psalm Instead of a teaching psalm, this one is more of a prayer.

The key to this chapter is Psalm As with Psalm 37we see the author is speaking in generalities. There is no promise in Psalm 20 of good fortune. The psalmist is simply observing the patterns and nature of life. The author of Psalm 20 is King David. David was the second king of Israel, anointed by Samuel. David was a man of prayer. His life, which is recorded in 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel, reveals to us his desire to seek God. It seems David is reflecting back on his life in Psalm 20 to see how God had given him victory. The author of Psalm 37 is David as well. The truths listed in these verses are principles for godly living.

Do you want a blueprint for how to follow God? Read Psalm 37! I can imagine David sitting on a couch, an old man, and talking to his children. More than anything David wanted his children to follow God. Not for their own prosperity, but because following God is the only path to true satisfaction.

In this version, we see God as the focal point. For if our hearts are looking to God to fill us, we will never be disappointed. The idea of delighting ourselves in God means we make Him the most important thing in our life.

When He is the one desire, He will give Himself to us. When we have God, we have all we need. In high school more than anything I wanted to be content.

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I happily dove into perfectionism. Moving through college, my perfectionist tendencies were revealed when I cried over a B in History. Then motherhood further destroyed all of my dreams of having a perfect house, perfect children, and a perfect life.

Contentment never seemed to find me. Your husband will not complete you contrary to a popular movie at the time. Your children will not satisfy. Your job or lack of one will not give you a sense of purpose.

Your identity will not be in how you serve at church. Our true desires must rest in God. Practically speaking, this means we spend time in His Word. Studying, praying, and listening to the Bible will never be a waste of time.

In these moments, whether they be hours or minutes, we can help our hearts align with the One who will completely satisfy. Lord God, help me make you my desire today. I want to delight in You. I see now I will never have my desires apart from life with You. Let me turn to You today as I walk through the ordinary moments.

When life interrupts my well-thought-out plans, help me to trust You are still working. You promise to be everything I need Phil. Help me to find you enough. The focus is not getting what I want but finding my true delight in the Lord. If we delight in the Lord, He becomes our desire. God will gladly give more of Himself to those of us who seek Him.

Sarah E. Frazer is a writer and Bible study mentor. Sarah is the wife of Jason and mother of five. She and her family serve as full-time missionaries in Honduras.

7 steps to receiving the desires of your heart

Her passion is to encourage women to start today with a Bible reading and prayer habit. Sarah is the author of several self-published Bible study resources for women. She shares tools and encouragement for Bible and prayer study on her blog: sarahefrazer. Sarah Frazer Crosswalk. So began my journey of trying to please God to get what I wanted. What Is a Bible-Thumper Follow Crosswalk. What Does the Bible Say about Cremation?