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Travel inspiration. By David Szmidt February 10, Moscow is huge, chaotic and fast-paced, with traffic and people everywhere you look — Shutterstock.

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We should probably start with the capital. One thing it is not is boring. The Metro, for example, is crowded and noisy, but is also beautiful and fascinating. Petersburg still has a touch of grandeur and elegance about it — Shutterstock.

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Today, where Moscow is the mighty, sprawling, concrete crunch that defines 20th- and 21st- century Russia, St. Petersburg still has a touch of grandeur and elegance about it. Built on a series of islands where the Neva River flows into a large bay and outward into the Gulf of Finland, the city also has a network of canals, making it one of the many cities that claim the title The Venice of the North.

The Hermitage Museum, for example, is one of the largest in the world, and there are a raft of churches, galleries, parks, gardens and monuments to discover.

Visit the beautiful Smolny Convent, or head out of the city a little way and visit some of the imperial palaces that were built for the Russian Tsars. Take a boat trip to see the city from the water, or get up high with a rooftop walk.

Come in winter for snow-covered classicism, or in summer when the sun barely sets. Whenever you feel like visiting, you can find a more in-depth guide to St. Petersburg here.

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There has been a lot written and discussed over the centuries about the meaning and importance of the so-called Russian Soul. Your author lived in Russia for just over a year and all the stereotypes about people being cold and inhospitable appeared, at first, to be true, but what seemed to be gruff misanthropy, was simply wary privacy. The history of Russia is long, complicated, and frequently horrendous, and nothing is ever black and white.

The same goes for a lot of the architecture. Yet at the same time, whacking great slabs of concrete were going up all over the place; not the clean lines and arched windows of Constructivism twenty or so years ly, but square, heavy and oppressive, much like the regime under which they were built. Today, the architecture and monuments of the recent past are, if not loved, then at least respected as relics of an experiment that was ultimately doomed.

Stops at various points on the Trans-Siberian railway let you see the history and culture of Siberian and Asian Russia, as well as the stunning landscapes of Lake Baikal — Shutterstock. But what lies beyond the great cities? Well, a vast, unconquerable, almost ungovernable landscape stretching halfway around the world.

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One of the most famous railways in the world, the Trans-Siberian, connects Moscow with Vladivostok, 9,km away. Alternatively, head south from Moscow to the city formerly known as Stalingrad, Volgograd; east to Kazan, a beautiful and vibrant mix of Oriental and Russian culture; or to Kaliningradthe curious exclave crammed between Poland and Lithuania.

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A love letter to… Russia. Chaotic thrills Moscow is huge, chaotic and fast-paced, with traffic and people everywhere you look — Shutterstock We should probably start with the capital.

Grand visions St. David Szmidt David is a lead writer for Kiwi. People also read The most beautiful train journeys in the world Fun facts about flags Kiwi. Popular routes on Kiwi.