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I searching somebody that loves Questions to ask a boy that you like

Ever get the tongue-tied feeling when talking to a guy you like?

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Getting to know someone takes time. But it also takes effort.

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Going on a hot date night? You might even like to use some of these flirty questions as flirty texts for him later! It can be so hard to know what to say when going on a date. Here are some flirty questions we thought of to avoid the conversation getting awkward at all!

Oh, by the way, If you are looking for a sweet date idea to ask these questions, here are some of our best ideas:. With these flirty questions, you will get to know exactly what he thinks of you. A good date always comes with a mixture of questions about yourself and him, so here ares some flirty questions to ask about him! If you are looking for a few more like this, here are 21 fun questions to ask a guy!

So might as well get some good answers out of it! You might also like would you ever questions for couples. Is there really any other way!? Entertainment is very important. As a self-described foodie, here are some very important questions about food to ask your potential new soul mate:.

In my opinion, a guy who likes to travel is a keeper. Or, you might think the opposite. But it is great to know if your thought on travel align:.

So what did you think of our ultimate list of Flirty Questions to ask a guy? Did you find something juicy to ask? If you are already married, you may find some better questions in our questions for married couples. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Blog About Us Contact. With these flirty questions, you will get to know exactly what he thinks of you What would you say are the aspects that draw you to me?

Name 3 of my body parts that you like the most?

What color do you think would look best on me? If I was a flower, what kind of flower would I be? What is something that you think sets me apart from other people? Do you like my outfit? What do you think is my favorite food? If we were to go on another date, where would you take me?

What is refreshing about me? Questions About Him A good date always comes with a mixture of questions about yourself and him, so here ares some flirty questions to ask about him! What is your favourite body part? What do you like most about yourself? What is the kindest thing you have ever done? What is the proudest moment of your life? Would you consider yourself a romantic?

Ask him these top 25 funny questions to get him laughing

Do you consider yourself a feminist? What is your favorite childhood memory? So, do you work out or what?! Do you prefer bars or clubs? What are you most afraid of? If you could ever be really smart or really good looking — which would you pick? Love Questions Love! Do you believe in love at first sight?

Or should I walk by you again — no just kidding on the last part lol What do you see in your future? Do you believe in fate or destiny? What does love mean to you? What is your favourite romantic movie?

Good questions to ask a guy that will bring you closer together

Do you see me falling for you? What do you think is the best pick up line? What do you think is the worst pick up line? Have you ever used a pick up line to get a girl? Love or money? If he picks money — RUN! Describe your ideal relationship? What qualities do you look for in a girl?

What was the shortest relationship you have had? What is the longest relationship you have ever had? What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? Did she think you were a romantic? Do you think you would make a good boyfriend? Why did your last relationship end?

Questions to ask a guy you like that will blow his mind

What is a deal breaker in a past relationship? What did your last relationship like most about you? What did your last relationship dislike most about you? Questions About Sleep Do you like sleeping in or are you an early bird? Do you like cuddling? Are you a blanket hog? What kind of pillow is your favourite? How well do you sleep in hotel rooms? Are you a light sleeper? What was your worst nightmare? Do you often have dreams? Do you snore? Cheeky Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy These ones are a little cheeky but hey if you are game, go right ahead!

Go girl go! What would you do If I kissed you right now?

What is your biggest turn on? What is your biggest turn off? Do you prefer cuddling or kissing? What are your favourite pet names for girlfriends? Babe, Cutie etc. Want to know a secret? Who was your teacher crush? There is just something about you, I can put my finger on.

Do you know what it is? What do you wear to go to sleep? I just want to know how on earth are you still single? Do you have a secret fantasy? Do you have a foot fetish? So… do you have plans this weekend or?

50 great questions to ask a guy

What do you think I am thinking about right now? Our friend Fabio would use this one What is your type in girls? When was the last time you experienced butterflys? Do you know you have the most amazing eyes? What color are they? Would you say I am your usual type? Do you like hugs? If you have 3 wishes, what would they be?