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Massachusetts achieved statehood on February 6th, becoming the 6th state in the union. You might say it was the birthplace of the American Revolution against Britain with the Boston Tea Party taking place in and the Boston Massacre in These two events forced Great Britain into action against the New England colony, and caused the increased tension that sparked the Revolutionary War. Massachusetts is also known for being the home to the second successful permanent British colony in North America, with the Pilgrims landing in Plymouth in carried by the Mayflower.

Norfolk County, Massachusetts must have greatness in the water, being it was the birthplace of four U. Kennedy, and George W. Massachusetts is also known for being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, a period that marked great change in the American economy.

The states heavy reliance on industry led to a heavy decline during the Great Depression following the stock market crash of Following the Depression, Massachusetts went through a period of economic adjustment as it de-industrialized. The Commonwealth was home to the first university in the United States, Harvard, founded in Quincy, Massachusetts was the birthplace of three well known American brands, Dunkin Donuts coffee shops, Titleist golf balls, and the Howard Johnson hotel chains.

Two of the most well known Islands in the U. Seuss Theodore Geisel. As ofMassachusetts recognized the Boston Terrier as its state dog.

Originally crossed between an English Bulldog and an English Terrier, it is known as the first purebred dog breed developed in America. Today there is thought to be no more than of this type of whale in existence.

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Massachusetts has a vast of state symbols compared to most other states. Having a population of over 6. Having a large presence in the BioTech, Collegiate, and Finance markets, Massachusetts has a strong economic presence.

For a sports fan, Massachusetts is a hotbed of sporting culture. It is also known for being home to Springfield, the site of the first Basketball game, and the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame.

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