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Elite girl search men to Polar bear labs for sale

If you are looking for that special new labrador puppy addition to your family, we have a perfect blocky Lab Puppy for you.

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Yellow Labradors are among the most versatile coloration of Retriever breed, ranging from a creamy yellow to a foxy red.

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We offer limited AKC registration, a written health guarantee and health record for all of our white lab puppies. Puppies are current on vaccinations and worming. Feeding and Care instructions are also provided. See our Client Feedback!

Our mild tempered, intelligent, and trainable English White Labrador Retrievers are bred with the Mandigo bloodline. Labrador Retrievers are the top breed to become loyal and trusted family pets. They are also bred with the intent that they may be used for hunting, tracking, chasing, pointing, flushing, and retrieving game, or, competing in field trials, hunting tests, or similar organized events. They make great family pets.

Check our pedigrees and health guarantee posted on this website. They make great house pets.

Steve Haynes of Fedelio Dog Works in Austin Texas says they graduate obedience training early, with training credits left over. Call Top-Dawgs My owner froze my semen and brought me back to life 30 years later. Top-Dawgs turned my Bloodline White!.

See Goose! I earned my obedience title and the advanced working certificate excellent in the field, proving my intelligence, hunting ability and trainability. I was a top producer of show champions and performance dogs, including my famous son BIS Ch. I was a spectacular Labrador Retriever!

Polar bear white labs

I am Goose. I am Mandigo Bred.

I am smart as a 3 year old. I am smarter than a chimpanzee. I can read your mind. Local trainer Kickapoo Ranch Pet Resort says I have strong retrieval instincts along with a calm temperament and make a great house pet. Polar Bears for sale in Texas! Polar Bears White Labs. White Labrador Retrievers. White Lab Puppies Texas!

White Labs Houston, Texas. We purchased Goose from the Dec 25th litter and you chose to put his picture on the website!

We just wanted to send you a quick note saying that we are still getting compliments on a daily basis and love the dog that he has become. We just took our engagement photos so I thought I would send one along to you to see An updated pic of Goose!

Have a great summer! I wanted to write an update on Sadie, our White Englisg Lab, and say thank you for breeding such wonderful labs! She has grown to be the most beautiful and smart dog I've met. Her temperament has been calm since day one! Such a fast learner, loves to swim and retrieve, and is full of personality. I couldn't be happier with her. Compliments everywhere we go, thank you again. We bought Cotton on March 23rd and it's been sooo much fun since he became our part of family. He is 10 months old now.

He is sooo full of energy all the time and he always get excited when I arrive at home after work. He loves waterits so much fun seeing him swimming. Everyone around our neighborhood loves him and he is the most pretty dog ever Hi there!

We sure love our girl who turns 1 Dec 21st! You did a great job, she is so CALM! Jagger Bleu has grown so much!! He is so smart!! He is an AKC S. White Lab Puppy!! Here are some pics of our lovely Blizzard. She has been a pleasure.

Snow white lab breeder

She went on her first hunt and did awesome with gun shots. She has learned so much and is easily trained.

We enjoy her so much I see her being an awesome hunting companion and family dog. We all love her soooo much! Hi guys I thought you might enjoy some recent pictures of Kaiya born on July 7th. Parents Sugar Bear and Blessing. He is very photogenic.

White polar bear lab puppies

These are not photoshopped. We just adore him and so do his brothers. My name is Bailey and my husband and I are looking for a white Labrador puppy. Our good friends, Caroline and Matthew, have one of your white labs and she is the sweetest and most well mannered girl we have ever met. We are writing to learn about your availability for puppies.

We are in the market for a sweet pup as soon as one is available; we live in the Austin area.

Please feel free to call me. We got him from you last May!! We love him to pieces!!

He's a Great Dog!! I purchased our beloved lab from you in February and was hoping to get a copy of his shot records for our veterinarian. Also, I am happy to report that Finn his full name is Huckleberry Finn is doing so well here in Dallas.

He is SO smart and sweet and wonderful with our two toddler sons. We love him so much and are so happy we added him to the family! We love her more and more each day! We so love our boys. She is a True Waterdog! He is a great dog! I have a picture of Kira to show at the event…. This is one of your babies I picked up January!

Sugar Bear is her sire and Snow White the dam! Thank you again for bringing Dixie to Austin. Our White Lab is doing great and making friends with our other lab, Bonita.