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A groundbreaking manifesto decoding the phenomenon of genius through the life of Jesus of Nazareth, revealing the untapped potential within every human being—from the bestselling author of The Artisan Soul, The Last Arrow, and The Way of the Warrior.

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InErwin McManus largely disappeared after authoring a slew of bestselling books and traveling the country speaking to tens of thousands. In the early s, Erwin McManus penned several bestselling books, saturated the Christian conference speaking circuit, and grew a vibrant Los Angeles church called Mosaic. He became known as a leading voice among Christian creatives and religious innovators during that time.

But inat the height of his popularity, Erwin McManus slipped back into the shadows as quickly as he had sprung from them. No more books, fewer speaking engagements, and far less public interaction.

RNS: You wrote a whole slew of books between andbut then you sort of disappeared from the publishing world. Why have you decided to write again now and why come back with this book?

EM: Yes, I made a shift in my life due to many variables and factors. A huge part was the toll on my family and my spirit to be the target of so many mean-spirited people.

It really hurt my. But they have both come to me and called me to be a voice for the movement of Christ again.

My family is all in and has a deep passion for God and the church. I also wanted to affect the world outside of the church and be a voice to an unbelieving world.

Why pastor erwin mcmanus took a six-year public hiatus–and decided to come back now

We so often focus on Sunday and hope we are changing the world. I felt compelled to tell great art and tell great stories and allow beauty to point to truth.

EM: When you see anything in a concentration or in its extreme it allows you to perceive things differently or more clearly. We are all at our best when we are living out our God given dreams.

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We are all created with imagination. We are all artisans. Image courtesy of HarperOne.

EM: [tweetable]The artisan understands that we are all works of art and artists at work. The artisan soul lives a life inspired by love, fueled by passion, and driven to create beauty in the world. There is no one way people express this way of life.

In , erwin mcmanus largely disappeared after authoring a slew of bestselling books and traveling the country speaking to tens of thousands. this is why he's chosen to reemerge now.

This is a life where we no longer live a life of conformity, compliance, and standardization. RNS: You say that we all carry within us the essence to the artist. EM: [tweetable]You may not have an artistic bone but you have an artistic soul.

Every field, every discipline, every domain where humans work, play, and live, is a canvas for imagination, creativity, and beauty. RNS: You claim the artisan soul does more than reflect.

Say more about that. EM: [tweetable]To create we must not only dream but act! To create takes great courage.

RNS: You say God has something to say about how we craft our lives. If God were standing in front of an average American Christian, what would God say to that person about how to live better? EM: Being a pastor is a beautiful thing, and I love the church. Donate to RNS. Support our work.

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