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Although many states have now legalized marijuana for medical use and, in some instances, for recreational use that does not mean smoking or otherwise consuming marijuana is without risk. Marijuana can cause serious consequences for chronic users.

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This site uses cookies to help us improve it. More about these cookies. Accept cookies. You may be sleeping irregular hours, not eating properly and neglecting things like college or work. Saturday 11am In my bedroom on my own 2 spliffs Before: felt worried about school After: felt more relaxed.

Trying to give up smoking weed? start here

Have you stopped doing things you used to enjoy? Is it harming your work or education? Are you arguing with friends or family? Our online tool will help you take the first step towards your goals. Distract yourself with something else — watch a video, have a shower, make a cup of tea or tidy up. Or our online tool can help you find a new distraction.

Your brain starts to rely on its regular hit of cannabis to make dopamine and stops making it naturally on its own. Think about who you trust and would feel comfortable asking for help. It could be someone in your family or a friend, teacher or work colleague.

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How to quit smoking weed – effective guides for quitting marijuana (updated for )

How to stop smoking cannabis weed. When you use cannabis regularly it can start to harm other parts of your life.

With a bit of planning you can cut down or stop and get your life back on track. Set alarms to get up and go to bed at the same times each day. Try to eat regular meals and drink plenty of water. Plan activities you can do every day.

Approach 1: quitting smoking weed gradually (step by step)

This could be going for a walk, doing some exercise or making some art — whatever suits you. You can do this by keeping a simple cannabis diary on your phone or in a small notebook. Aim to do this for one week. Each time you smoke, note down: What day and time you smoked Where you were and who you were with How much you smoked How you felt before you smoked How you felt afterwards.

How to stop smoking cannabis (weed)

It may look something like this: Saturday 11am In my bedroom on my own 2 spliffs Before: felt worried about school After: felt more relaxed. You should also start to see where you can cut down. Then think about how cannabis is affecting those things.

How would that change if you stopped smoking? The best way to get rid of old habits is to swap them for new ones.

Benefits of quitting marijuana and what to expect

If you cut down or stop smoking what will you do instead? Look at your list of things that are important to you. See how to break a habit. Decide on one small, realistic goal as your first step. Or you could carry on smoking six ts but put slightly less cannabis in each one.

Each time you feel the urge to smoke, see if you can delay smoking by just five minutes. Set a timer on your phone if that helps.

The benefits of quitting weed

Cravings are like waves that build up to a peak then fade away. See if you can gradually build up to delaying each t for 10 minutes, then 15 and so on. These post-cannabis lows usually last about four to 10 days. You may get other withdrawal symptoms, such as: difficulty sleeping strange dreams irritability and sometimes aggression restlessness cravings for cannabis Try to get through them without lighting up another t.

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What to expect from marijuana withdrawal

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