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We all. When asked what makes him special, the year-old. Cottle is also known for her marriage to rapper T.

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OPINION: It's happened to the best of us we get lonely we meet a person spend a little bit too much time with them until it all becomes a bit of a blur and you find yourself in a relationship. But what do you do when you realise one year into it that your boyfriend is trash?

TLC's iconic chart topping hit No Scrubs turns 20 this year. An anthem for women around the world to remind ourselves to not settle for anything less.

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Sure we might hit a bump in the road, accidentally taking some detours and getting lost, like the white dude Ryan with dreadlocks and tribal tattoos who wore socks with jandals on your first date and you still slept with him. You can't blame a person for trying out something new though, right?

And you won't know what you won't like until you try it. Even Nicki Minaj makes mistakes by dating and getting engaged to trash men. Beyonce stayed with her cheating husband. Katy Perry married a man who dumped her through text. None of us are exempt from bad choices.

No scrubs dating

I do think a bad date keeps you humble - as the saying goes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get to your prince. I've kissed frogs, to, fish and eels so many eels and even then in my 20s I still never learned my lesson. If you've found yourself in love with a guy who upsets you, embarrasses you or someone you keep making excuses for - sorry sis you might be dating a scrub.

If you think your current boyfriend is trash or thinking of giving your latest crush a chance let's take a moment and reflect on TLC's advice from Does he spend most of his time talking about what he wants, but sits on his broke ass? You can't blame someone for having a dream, but there's nothing more frustrating and mentally exhausting than listening to someone talk about things they're never going to do.

Yes we all want to be rich, we all want to be hot, we all want to be Instagram influencers and get paid to take selfies - but some of us don't get to be that. Some of us have to sit at a desk all day doing a to get a promotion after eight years. If he thinks he's above all this and still does nothing, that's a bad. Are you constantly paying the bills?

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Does he owe you money all the time? When was the last time he helped you financially? Is money a two way street here? Is he sitting on the passenger side of his best mate's car, trying to hit up girls? Cat calling from a car in this climate? No sir.

If your man does this, he is absolutely cancelled. It has nothing to do with the fact he doesn't own his own car, with Uber and NZ's growing transport system, vehicle ownership is not a necessity.

But sexist, unconsented hollering at women on the street? Absolutely disgusting.

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The time to ghost him was yesterday. Is he living at home with his mum? With house prices rising and the lack of rights for renters, you can't blame a person for wanting to live with their parents in their clean, damp-free home and working dryer.

As long as they're contributing to the house, doing the dishes, tidying up after themselves and are good to their parents, I personally see no problem with someone living at home. Unless of course they're in their late 40s and still haven't moved out yet because his mum does everything for him, then yes he's definitely a scrub. You can't help who you fall in love with, but you can help yourself by dumping a garbage boyfriend who holds you back from being your best self.

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And if you can't see how bad it is, look at your relationship and ask "If my friend had a boyfriend like this, would I let them get away with it? Don't spend the rest of your life making excuses for someone. You're too beautiful, too smart, too cool to be dating someone who sucks.

It's rubbish day, take out the trash. Lucy ZeeAug 05 There's nothing worse in a relationship than discovering your man is trash. Carlos Alvarez.