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My name is Nathan Fielder, and I graduated from one of Canada's top business schools with really good grades.

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As he sets up a segment on comedy in the workplace —embedded below—Nathan grabs his own hand to keep himself from forwarding anand then he calmly refuses to let go.

"daddy's watching/party planner"

I also love the split-second appearance of an orange at the end. Although they might seem disposable, these off-kilter moments lend depth to Nathan. Fielder is spellbindingly good at developing and inhabiting the psyche of his persona. When he invites them to come up with a scenario that would maximize their potential humiliation, they all appear to be game.

Fred, for instance, imagines that it would be especially painful for his kids to learn that he was cheating on their mother with another woman. Fred is so worried about traumatizing his kids, in fact, that he sheds 13 pounds.

So now that Treacy has been humiliated, thus fulfilling her end of the bargain, Nathan does his best to save her reputation. Nathan convinced four people to go along with his somewhat deranged scheme, but those four all had a stake in it.

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Michael Cohen, attorney at law, has no such stake. So the challenge for Nathan is to see whether he can get Cohen to buy in, too. Yet with time, Nathan and Treacy actually convince Cohen.

And so Carmony does, despite himself. As the stunt develops, we see that, paradoxically, people will accept actual danger to keep themselves safe. The allure of enjoying peace of mind is apparently so great that a safety-minded dater will agree to surveillance by Mark, the amateur security enforcer who Nathan finds on Craigslist.

Nathan tells Polly, Bachelorette No. In other words, when presented with a flesh-and-bones manifestation of her supposed fears, Polly shrugs. All that matters is that Nathan implanted a worry and then provided a means to get rid of that worry.

We tend to assume that the self-appointed authority who knows about a problem also knows how to solve it. Nathan lays that stupidity bare.

The cleverest idea of the night is the spam-filter-exploiting party invitation system. He comes up with a few simple but ingenious methods, like routing messages through a Russian server and inserting hidden spammy keywords, to ensure that invitations for unwanted invitees will be treated as spam on the receiving end.

‘nathan for you’ creepily pitches stalking service ‘daddy’s watching’ to dating dna ceo (exclusive video)

You know, you work hard all your life. What would we have done without it? I mean, enormous!

And look at the technology now. At this, Nathan gives Bill some uncertain applause. Then Veronique claps.

Finally, hilariously, Bill claps too, not knowing what else to do with himself. When human beings are lost and confused, they look to see what the other guy is doing.

Nathan For You depends on it. The A. By John Teti.