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Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you. Don't be shy. Feel free to ask for what you want

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Either you and your partner argue about sex off and onyou avoid it altogetheror you beat yourself up over how your body and mind seem to fail you in the bedroom. Why is sex so awkward and stressfulwhen it seems like everyone else must have it figured out?

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You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. You can set your address, phoneand site description in the settings tab. Link to read me with more information. Experiencing a lack of intimacy in your relationship is a al that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Intimacy issues can be caused by many different things.

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For example, you may be struggling to connect and communicate with your partner and don't feel like being intimate. This can be especially challenging if there are trust issues in your relationship. Or, you may be having trouble connecting to your own sense of sensuality. Maybe you have a history of sexual trauma or reproductive trauma, or you are living with chronic pain and that makes a sexual relationship difficult.

It can seem like the sexual relationship you once had or wanted will never happen again.

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You might think this is just a normal part of life now. Something everyone goes through.

Do any of these sound familiar? History of sexual violence or reproductive trauma Infidelity or broken trust. Intimacy issues seem impossible to work through. But, you are craving the closeness with your partner and you want to have a sexual relationship with them.

You know sex and intimacy in your relationship is something worth fighting for. Our caring therapists want to work with you and help you regain intimacy in your relationship again. We want to know what your goals are and what might be getting in the way. You are not broken. You can have a healthy, happy sex life again. Whether you work with us in person, in the Sacramento area, or online throughout California, we can help. Your therapist will help you figure out what is causing the lack of intimacy in your relationship.

Even if there might be multiple issues keeping you from having the sex life you want.

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Then, we will make a relationship plan to help you have the relationship you both want. Our Gottman Method trained sex therapists take an educational approach to sex therapy. This means that we give you information about intimacy and connection. Then we will give you "homework" exercises. Some of these strategies might include communication tips, opportunities to connect with your partner, and rebuilding trust or repairing anything else that is hurting your sex life.

What to expect from sex therapy

Overall, we provide a sex-positive, non-shaming space for you to explore intimacy issues. Please note: sex therapy never involves sex or touching with a therapist or in the presence of a therapist. We want you to be comfortable discussing these issues with us.

There is no physical component to therapy in our clinic. After working through these issues in sex therapy, you will feel more comfortable talking about and initiating sex. We want you to have a life full of passion and romance.

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You can have connection, excitement, and a renewed sex life after sex therapy! After meeting with a relationship therapist at The Relationship Therapy Center in the Sacramento Area, you and your partner will be more affectionate. You will feel a sense of connection and friendship with each other again! What's holding you back from having a sexual relationship with your partner?

The therapists at the Relationship Therapy Center understand that it can be hard to come to our office for therapy with your partner. But, we want all couples to have access to sex therapy if they desire it. Therefore, we offer online sex therapy to couples in the state of California. As long as both you and your partner are both physically located in the state, then we can have an online session wherever you feel comfortable at a time that works for both your schedules.

We offer online appointments in the evenings and on the weekend for your convenience. If you are ready to regain intimacy in your relationship, sex therapy Married sex in sacramento The Relationship Therapy Center can help. Our compassionate therapists want to help you and your partner feel comfortable being passionate with each other again.

We are here to help support you in your relationship journey. To begin sex therapy at our counseling clinic in the Sacramento, CA area or online, please follow these steps:. Contact our therapy center to learn more about sex therapy.

Make an appointment with one of our Gottman trained sex therapists. Find healing in your relationship and regain intimacy with your loved one. In addition to sex therapy, Our Sacramento area counseling clinics located in Roseville and Fair Oaks, CA are pleased to offer a variety of counseling services. Our relationship therapy services include: Counseling after infidelity, family therapy, co-parent counseling, divorce counseling, couples therapy retreats, and premarital counseling.

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Our individual therapy services include counseling for grief and losstherapy for children, teen therapy, anxiety therapy, trauma therapyaddiction counseling, codependency counseling, depression treatmentand individual relationship counseling. We also offer online counseling to California residents.

Please contact our office to learn more about the many ways we can help you and your loved ones.

Our tough conversations were a turning point and a good wake up call for us to love and appreciate each other. We have had minor things come up but we were able to use the tools you provides us to repair them before it turns into a fight. We will keep your in case we need to come back. Rob gave us specific tools that helped us rebuild our family and avoid a potential divorce.

Rob really helped us become a better, loving family and gave us the framework for setting firm, loving limits with reasonable expectations. Our marriage is stronger than ever, we argue less frequently and work as a team on being good enough parents.

We help our clients overcome their sexual problems and create fulfilling sex lives!

We certainly have more relationship work to do as we have only taken a small step. But it is a step that I am grateful for! Thank you Nancy! You are a Married sex in sacramento. We look forward to talking to you again in the future! I absolutely adore working with Nancy Ryan, she is warm, lighthearted, very empathetic, super intelligent and an excellent communicator.

She creates a very comfortable and safe place for you to share any thoughts or issues you may be experiencing. Anyone would be served greatly to connect with her for both her services and networking. Thank you for being such a bright and vibrant spark Nancy. Nancy is very compassionate and has the training, plus life experiences, that can move you from stuck to living again. Her ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and outline a clear plan of action were extremely helpful to me. Nancy helped me in processing letting go and loving well when my 18 year old daughter moved out with no notice.

What impressed me the most was how she had the ability to draw out of me what I was looking for which was validation for my emotions and encouragement for my boundaries I chose to set do to the way my daughter left home.

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Nancy is without a doubt one of the best counselors I have ever met. Use the form on the right to .

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