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Aesthetically lady seeking Love is blind definition especially for life

We cherish and care for that person beyond normal standards. When in love our concept of that person changes and the negative things we witness seem to just fade away. As a result, we tend to create an idealized image of those we are in love with.

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Love is blind

However, it gained popularity after Shakespeare used it in many of his plays during the late s and early s. L 9 Thoughts. Love may be blind.

Normally this condition is mostly attributed to the young-at-heart. True love emcompasses all dark dispositions. Love lights up your life!

What does love is blind mean?

This is so powerful and it has helped me to realize the Love God has for us, no wonder He was so lost in love He died for us. I believe it when they say love is blind, because it makes people forget there selves in the process they get provoked to do things they never thought they can do all because of love. Love is as blind as we see and allow it. Love is the greatest human emotionpartially blind and partially conditional. So sad but true that a person today is to blind to realize that their partner actually does love them and after all the jealousy and accusations argument after argument later on down the road they shamefully and regrettingly realize that they did love them after all but because of their blindness to let love in they missed it!

Add your thoughts Cancel reply. Example: Tom and Mary are head over heels in love with each other and are going to get married next month.

Read on. Well, love really is blind.

Everybody thought that Sam would not make a good match for Jill, but love is blindand she was oblivious to all his bad habits. Love is blindand it was so true in his case. The girl he was dating was obviously two-timing him, but he was blissfully unaware of everything.

When you are in love, you tend to overlook the faults of the person you love as it is said that love is blind. Love is blindit is said, but it is not good to completely close your eyes to the faults of the person you love. Love is blind but marriage restored my vision.

This the full truth.

What does the phrase ‘love is blind’ mean?

Really, the love is blind. Idiom of the Day head over heels Meaning: fall deeply and completely in love, especially suddenly Example: Tom and Mary are head over heels in love with each other and are going to get married next month.

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