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The old-fashioned granny is a cuddly shape, has grey hair, wears a cardigan and slippers and drops off in front of the telly.

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Lost your password? Creating an at Dressing Your Truth allows you to access your order status and history. But as so many women reach their 60s and 70s, they default to fashion trends that leave them feeling tired and frumpy. I am a grandmother of 11 grandchildren between the ages of 6 mos to 12 years.

When I first became a grandma at 49, I made a conscious decision that I wanted to be a wonderful grandma who knew her grandchildren well and created deep-lasting bonds with them.

15 fun activities for any child to do with their grandparents:

I also made a conscious decision to stay true to myself in my appearance and style. That being a grandma was a role, not a style. I have been more successful at that than I ever thought was possible 12 years ago.

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My style has evolved to be more true to me than at any time in my life. I love the way I look and feel in my clothes every day.

In addition to following my anti-aging secretsI also focus on the following tips! No more tight-rod perms! Set your hair free and try something new. As you do, notice what feels great on you.

How old are your shoes? Women find that shoes can make or break their outfit. Let your shoes be a unique expression of you and the message you want to send to the world. If your accessories were in style 20 years ago, chances are they will age you now. We recently brought back accessories to the Dressing Your Truth Store to help make shopping easier for you!

Be open to changes so you can feel great.

20 questions to ask your grandma

Follow your heart and be comfortable in your own skin. Dressing Your Truth is so empowering! We teach that Dressing Your Truth is not an age-specific system, but rather a guide to creating your true style at any age in life! At age 68, I have been dressing my truth every day for about three years and no-one ever thinks I look my age.

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Living my truth every day combined with dressing it, keeps me looking as young as I feel! 2 is on the way!

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I live my truth in my style an how I relate to him. There are lots of snuggles, reading, and playtime on the floor. I feel like joy makes us look and feel younger!

The glam gran

DYT gave me permission to do that! Dressing Your Truth can make you feel more alive again! In fact, when you mis-Type yourself, it can actually age you!

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I was all in! Everything in my closet was Type 2.

Well, I was getting older, I rationalized. I look forward to the future and its plethora of possibilities. I intend to live it with joy…while looking fabulous!

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Dressing Your Truth is helping everyone see that age is nothing to fear. Already have an ? in.

How to record your grandma’s stories

Facebook Pinterest. Want to feel beautiful?

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I show you how in this free online course. Start our free Beginner's Guide By ing up, you are accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy and agreeing to receive s from us.

Old-fashioned granny

Watch the videos for free Create a unique style Feel more confident. Continue New to Dressing Your Truth? Related Articles. October 6, October 6, August 22, August 22, February 27, February 27, January 11, January 11, Close Log In.