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Aphrodisiac Veggies and Spices? Medieval women scented bath water with it to allure men.


Artichoke — This thorny vegetable, like many lovers, plays hard to get which like many suitors, just makes one want it more. It was often prescribed by doctors for their male patients who sought to increase bedroom performance. Asparagus — The great French lovers of yesteryear dined on three courses of this shapely green vegetable on the night before the wedding. It is packed with potassium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamin E, perfect combinations for increased hormone production. Basil — Haitian lore claims this herb comes from Erzulie, their goddess of love.

Early on, this herb was used for centuries to keep wandering eyes at home. Wives with straying husbands powdered their breasts with this pulverized herb. It is an Italian favorite and a basic in every kitchen.

Chocolate — The Aztecs and Mayans were the first to recognize the potency of this food, celebrating the harvest with festivals of wild orgies. It is a prime ingredient in mole sauces and desserts. Strawberry — This luscious fruit is usually a symbol of sensuality and earthly desire in art and literature. It is often associated with fairy folk.

Black Beans — Lore has it that this high-protein vegetable increases fertility. This caused St. Jerome, father of the Latin Church, to warn nuns against eating it lest they break their celibacy vows.

Chiles — Lore has it that Dr. It gets the blood rushing, the heart pumping, the face flushing, and the pores sweating. Honey — In 5th century BC, Hippocrates prescribed this food for sexual vigor. Tradition in India offers a bridegroom a gift of this sweet, golden food on his wedding day.

Attila the Hun drank himself to death on this food on his honeymoon. Avocado — The Aztec name for this green fruit literally translates to testicle. It was deemed so powerful that village maidens were forbidden to set one virginal toe outside the house while the fruit was being gathered.


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