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According to figures released by the Japenese government, there are approximately 70, people of Japenese citizenship and heritage living in Australia. Understandably, connecting Japanese singles with one and other is a lot easier said than done. Our dating platform is here to help!

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When I met him, I couldn't speak nor write English well. Because of this reasonI sometimes depressed.

How old am I: 34

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We will totally support you in your journey from the intial searching for a partner all the way to find a perfect match.

Our services are totally free upon consultation. We explain upfront what our membership is all about before enrolment. Our members' privacy are our utmost concern. We will not put out information without your permission. At the age of 26, I went to Australia with my mother for the first time. The trip was for the purpose of healing my broken heart.

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After the trip, I became very positive. And I fell in love with the country of Australia. Hello there, I am a fisherwoman and have been in Australia for 3 years now. I am looking for true love but quite hard to meet new people because of my work.

Japanese singles dating in australia

I work in a marketing field. I love to spend in the nature to get some rays like hiking. I wish someday I can enjoy the massive nature with my right partner in Australia.

I love nature especially swimming in the river near my house during summer time. I use to travel abroad before and I liked traveling abroad very much. I like positive person. I like traveling, to watch movies, to chat with my friends, work out, to play the drums, and star wars.

I am currently working as an instructor for internal education. I find it very rewarding to connect with many people and deepen their potential and relationships of trust. I working as a nurse since I was 20 years old.

Japanese dating in australia: find love with us

I have 2 sonsboth sons are really wonderful sons. I have many hobbies. I love to traveling. About 20 years ago, I lived in Brisbane for a year and worked as an assistant Japanese teacher. Love to workout, cooking, travel,reading book, surf! My hobby: traveling,surfing,camping,watching movies,cooking,etc. I would like to share a good time with someone who like outdoor activities.

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I like trying and learning new things. I also like traveling, doing yoga and spending time in the nature. I want to spend my rest of my life with someone special. I am working at a law firm as a paralegal in Tokyo.

Around I visited Australia again and stayed in Perth and Sydney on a working holiday. As you can see, I feel a strong attraction with Australia, again and again. My hobbies are traveling abroad 3or4 times a yearhave a picnic, jogging and eating delicious things. I have a few dream I really want to fulfill in Australia and I am looking for someone to build a deep relationship, share common interests, support each other, as well as enjoy life to be more happy:.

Before coming to Australia to pursue my second postgraduate degree, I had been working as a translator and interpreter in Hong Kong. I am looking for someone who is passionate about life, curious and interesting, compassionate, being able to keep life in balance, and open-minded with a kind heart. I love to travel abroad and to take a picture. Former professional industrial fashion deer in Tokyo.

I like cooking, baking, walking. I like nature and I climb mountain and hiking sometimes. I like to combine my values in life and health a wealth are all part of that. Good food ,surfing and friends, stable home life is all a part of keeping myself healthy and happy and enjoying my job. It has been great 10 years studying a degree, working as a nurse and focus on my career for sometime. I prefer to meet someone who enjoys own life, is appreciative and a positive person. Hello there, I am Japanese lady.

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My current work is child care. I love. I was born and grew up at Tokyo in Japan. I live in Sydney now. My job is night tutor for Japanese children in Australia. I am particularly interested in going to art museums and science museums. I am a gentle and calm type.

I am looking for a man who can create a life together. I am an English teacher for Japanese junior high school students. I am a massage therapist who have been living in Australia for 8 years. It looks like I work too hard to miss my husband.

Now I am finally ready for the next chapter of my life with my family.

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I go to Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc. I like traveling, snowboarding, diving, and other outdoor activities, but I also like spending time at home, cooking and doing yoga. In my free time I spend time for relax.

I do yoga, cooking, reading, listening to music.

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In addition chatting with friends, leaning English, dining out. I love travelling. On a trip I enjoy active things. Mainly in Australia, I did scuba diving, rafting, climbing mountain and rockvolunteering for 6weeks at the beach side, by the wild dolphins.

I lived in both Japan and the U. I am classy, intelligent and physically active, enjoy going to the beach, cooking, wine and traveling. But at the end of the day, the home is where we want to be, sweet home. I work for the media company in Japan.

I am an intellectually curious person. I love to learn, and to gain a variety of experiences and meet a lot of people and grow. I live in Japan now.

In my free time I make accessories with papers and go work out. I would like to meet somebody with whom we can support each other. I cannot move to your country right away. I welcome partner who can live in Japan for another three years until my son gets a job!

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In the future. Very vintage, and very rare.

I have not been replaced, or restored any of my parts since I was born… well maintenanced, so far! I am warm and caring. I love making others laugh and I am always looking for something fun, something that I can enjoy with others.

Nice to meet you.