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In this Pure hookup app review we will bring you closer to one of the hookup apps with the most interesting approach to casual dating.

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A growing trend among millennials within the past few years is hookup culture, which is often associated with dating apps. Young people aren't looking to be tied down or seem to be as interested in marriage as older generations were; instead, they just want to have fun and "see where things go. Dating apps made it easier for people to find each other, and naturally, everyone's horny-ness followed. It's more common to find people looking for casual relationships rather than serious dating on dating apps these days; but still, if you're just looking to hook up with as many girls as you can, your best bet would be to download a hookup app, and not a dating app. An app like PURE.

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Home » Review. The fact that guys have to pay before they can do anything on Pure is very frustrating. Moreover, whilst the self-destructing profiles seem like a good concept, they can be hit and miss in reality. Many online dating sites require you to complete a fairly lengthy -up process before your profile goes live.

The first thing you need to do is either download the app to your mobile device or visit the site on your desktop or mobile browser.

Instead, you just need to give Pure permission to access your data, such as your phoneyour — and your preferred payment method. This is because Pure uses GPS to find matches in your area.

The way the Pure hookup app is set up means it seems at first to be harder than ever to tell whether a profile is real or fake. Pure is unique in that ALL the profiles are temporary. Everyone gets an hour to use their after they first create it. On the one hand, this can discourage fake profiles because they only get an hour to get noticed at a time.

On the other hand, it can also encourage scammers because a no one is obliged to add photos of themselves and b everyone is in a hurry to arrange a meeting before their messages get deleted. Unfortunately, no.

The anonymous nature of the site makes it tricky to spot whether someone is fooling you, and you have to rely on your own instinct and your own vetting processes to verify that someone is genuine. Whatever you usually do to stay safe online and offline, you need to do that. You could, for example, get chatting to someone on Pure and swap s before your time limit is up.

This is in theory a good way of verifying someone is real before you meet them in person maybe you could have a quick phone call with them.

Which dating site is right for you?

Pure themselves have at least taken steps to ensure they catch as many fake profiles as possible as quickly as possible. Other than that, they advise you to use your own common sense at all times. That all said, the majority of profiles on Pure are real.

However, because of the self-destructing nature of the app, there is barely any detail added to any of the profiles.

Getting started with pure

Most people simply state what they want out of this, whilst others will add their age and location. And this aesthetic is further reflected in its de. Do you know those dating sites that are cluttered with lots of buttons, menus, and sometimes even ? Yeah, they can be really annoying when all you want is to have sex tonight.

Pure is different. Everything about the de is straightforward, minimal, and yet — somehow — trendy.

How many members are in your area?

Essentially, everything you need is plastered on your home. You can also send them gifts by clicking the corresponding icon. However, there are one or two features worth highlighting:. The most unique feature on Pure is what makes the app stand out from all the others. If you want sex tonight, this is clearly the place to get it.

Pure has an unusual payment model in that women get access to all of its features for free, whilst men have to pay. Because guys have to pay to use it, one assumes that only genuine, serious guys actually up. Not to mention, AdultFriendFinder is more popular and offers more features that set back Pure big time.

This means that you can access Pure and all its features entirely for free for 3 days.

Once the 3 days of your trial period are up, your payment method will then be automatically charged. Note that you can cancel your 3 day trial period at any time, and you can also cancel the auto-renew subscription. You can also cancel anytime once your subscription is up and running, and I have to say that Pure — unlike some dating apps — makes it super easy for you to cancel your.

Instead, you must head over to wherever you downloaded the app either the Google Play Store or the App Store and cancel it there. Because Pure lets people create profiles without a profile picture, it can seem even riskier.

And if you want to verify that someone really is who they say they are, invite them to send you their picture in private. In terms of your personal details, I looked into Pure and this seems to be a very safe app to use.

Pure hookup app review in video form

But in order to increase my chances of success, I decided to state where I was based, what my age was, and what I was looking for a hookup. Instead, it plasters all potential hookups that meet your criteria gender, age, and location on the main and, indeed, only :. Within a minute of creating my profile, I was confronted by a wealth of local singles and couples who were looking for the same thing I was. There was absolutely nothing complicated about the app. All I had to do was scroll up and down to find more horny girls who were waiting for someone to message them.

I scrolled up and down and, mindful that my profile would self-destruct in 55 minutes already, I started messaging girls who caught my eye.

Pros and cons

Like this:. I also found that most users were aged between 25 and As well as singles, there were also couples using the site, as well as women who were married and looking for an affair. Nothing seemed to be out of bounds, with some users explicitly stating exactly what they were looking for.

At the same time, most users also seemed to be very respectful of others and demanded that equal respect was shown to them. Overall, I had an okay experience using Pure.

However, I also found it surprisingly hard to land a hookup within the minute timeframe. My advice when using Pure is to definitely be flirty, confident, and sexy, and to get straight to the point. Otherwise, you could easily get lost amidst all the profiles. Because remember: Everyone else only has 60 minutes too.

Pure app review

AdultFriendFinder is one of the most popular hookup sites, with more than 80, registered users around the world. AdultFriendFinder is easy to up to, and you can add a few pics to your profile, as well as a bio. There is a search function that comes with lots of filters, such as age and location, and AFF also comes with many special features.

These include live member webcams, blogs, erotic stories, and adult movies. The site also hosts competitions that everyone can get involved with, whilst a Sex Academy is a great way to learn more about sex.

Read in-depth review. If someone seems suspicious, you can report them to the Pure customer service team. Pure is free for women, but men must pay a fee. However, they get access to a 3-day free trial period. But is it the right one for you?

First impression

Pure App Review The fact that guys have to pay before they can do anything on Pure is very frustrating. Getting Started With Pure Many online dating sites require you to complete a fairly lengthy -up process before your profile goes live. Is Pure a Safe Hookup App? Is Pure App Free? How Does Pure App Work?