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Pennsylvania newspaper archive

Site created using open-oni software, built off the Library of Congress's chronam. Home The Meyersdale commercial.

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March 27, Image 3 The Meyersdale commercial. Below is the OCR text representation for this newspapers .

Best pennsylvania theater camps summer directory

It is also available as plain text as well as XML. Koontz, late of Somerset. In the estate of Samuel Shumaker.

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Leave granted guardian to invest funds, in the estate of Henry OC. Shaw, late of Elk Lick twp. Attorney Valentine Hay appointed auditor, in the estate of Augustus H. Tospon, late of Somerset twp. In the estate of Sara J. Romesburg, late of Upper Turkeyfoot twp.

Uhl, Jr. Order of sale awarded Andrew D. Shaffer, guardian in the estate of Jer- emiah Shaffer, late of Paint twp.

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In the estate of Jennie Dodson, late of Lower Tarkeyfoot twp. Attorney W. Curtis Truxal appoint- ed guardian, in the estate of John.

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McKeever, late of Windber. In the estats of Ross B. Saler, late of Upper Turkeyfoot twp. Somerset Trust Co. Brougher, late of Upper Turkeyfoot twp.

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De Lauter, late of Meyersdale; Adam S. Miller, late of Somerset twp. Garman, late of Berlin. Pugh, late of Somerset twp.

Pennsylvania summer camps

Carver, late of Stonycreek twp. Weller; late of Elk Lick twp. Romesburg, late of Upper Turkeyfoot Licences, Etc. Annie M. Gonder, to Charles H. Cloyd Shaffer to PollyZShaffer, twp.

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Emanuel Eash, late of Cone- maugh twp. Miller, late of Shade twp.

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Woy, late of Somerset twp. In the estate of Edward F. In the estate of Stewart W. Hech- ler late of Paint twp. Hechler, a minor.

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Baker, late of Lincoln twp. Post, late of Shade twp. Order of sale awarded in the es- tate of Abraham R. Kimmel, late of Jefferson twp. In the estate of George W. Wey- ant, late of Jefferson twp.

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Jeffreys, late of Addison; Rebecca Lyon, late of Brothersvalley twp. Maurer, late of Quemahoning twp.

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In the estate of George A. Pyle, of Boswell, order of sale continued. How's This? We, the undered, have known F. Newman to] Jacob Carver, Brothersvalleygtwp Walker to Ceasar Depetril Jennerjtwp Hendricks fto Harry T. Snyder, Stoyestown Geiger to Edith A. Baer, Boswell Fritz to John Wagaman, Quemahoning Muller to Charles J. Barron, Somerset twp B1b Chauncey Bowman to George G. Bowman, Elk Lick twp Sterner, Black twp Flem- Jing, Black twp Jones, Somerset tWp Kim- mel, Jeffersonj twp Keller, Black twk Lichtyito same, Black BWP Ringler to E.

Mostol- ler, Quemahoningitwp. Knepper to Samuel Wetmiller, Berlin, Elmer Shaffer Somerset twp Margaret D. Meyersd: le Frank H. Brothersvalley twp Harrset May Faidley Summit Mills Andrew Covach Macdonaldton Mary luhasz Macdonaldton Harry T. Jenner twp Lottie G. Somerset Clire ice W. Windber J. Jenner twp Modlein.

Best pennsylvania summer camps directory

Jenner twp Henry Schrock Belmont Elizabeth M. Belmont George 8. Charleston, W. Lydia L. Saylor, late of Somerset township. The will of John N. Davis, late of Springs, was probated yesterday. He left a life interest in his estate to nally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces af the system Testimonials sent free.

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