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I found I stand accused isaac hayes lyrics that loves erotica

If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:.

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Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. August 20, — August 10, was an American songwriter, musician, singer, actor, and voice actor.

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Im going through this situation now. I dont know her man but every time I see her its hard to breathe. A woman that I love so much is leaving for Germany, I just can write or explain the way I feel right now My guy whom I love dearly, just played this while we were in the car.

We haven't spoken in a few weeks until today took me to buy a TV. This is his way of saying what he wants. And although I know he played it for ME Well, the circumstances would cause for me to play this for him. Only no friends involved to betray. Who's with me ?

Old is gold! Heard the song 40 years ago and the memories still fresh in me. Great music by Black Moses.

I am 63 n still loving this music just like when I was a teenager it's from the heart From Kenya We used to dance to this song in high school,we also invited our sister school. Guilty I stand accused of loving this song. Still listening in Dec,I'll be 56 on the 30th. Men were crying to this song, most had just received orders going to Vietnam. Not all of them made it back. I'll always remember that era. Thanks for reading. Of course we all love Isaac Hayes just as we all love Whitney Houston It's just that it's not a good example for our young people when you sing songs of loving people who are already married Not good for our people family Not the grand de of the Father for his people the children of Israel Our brother is talented in song as is all of our people because of who the gift comes from and ultimately belongs to.

Thanks for ing - Immortal stuff - Blue light in the basement The days when music was real music.

I stand accused

Anyone else wish for a time machine? My Dad would play this song when I was young and I didn't understand it. But now that I'm older Niggas KNOW how to rap. I first heard this when i was 15 yrs old its a special song my friend got killed that summer at 16 he played this for.

Isaac was a very good movie star and singer and his misst a lot thanks Isaac r. When I was young, I remember waking up and hearing this song on the record player. The music and words were vibrating through my soul so much I just started crying. The true power of emotion transcends everything.

This song is so nostalgic to me. I remember listening to this song on Saturday mornings cleaning woodwork. Isaac Hayes is handsomely beautiful-but-strong-but-intelligent!!!

Playing this looking out as the moonlight and stars light the sky. Its like I want to have someone special but every time I try. I just feel worthless. It's like having a pure heart and be strong with your feelings is bad thing now. This song is so sad Because, I believe it is impossible To write an emotionally filled song like this, without at least experiencing it You can't fake this shit I liked Isaac the first time I heard him.

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I really liked this cut. I have it on vinyl and still listen to it. Brings back memories. I wonder who out there is guilty of loving me in these days of rachidness if there is such a word. Hearing this song again let me think back to when there was so much love in my life but after 40 years where did the love go? My daddy would play this all the time now I see how much he loved my mother even after they split.

I used to hear a version of this where the woman was talking back to him at the end.

I know one of yall know what im talking about. Back when your parents had a house party and the couples were slow dancing and your mother would tell you go in the back and watch tv this is grown folks time!!! It doesn't get any better than this! Seems like the radio stations have forgotten about this. Thanks to YouTube, we can listen to this as many times as we want!

Id kill you.

Id be the one standing trial. Back then Men knew how to express their interest for a women in a respectable manner. They asked a woman out on a date dinner, walk in the park, movie, bowling, coffee, etc. They would open the door for you, walk you home or to your door, buy you flowers, or call you on the phone. The good old days. Uncle canst never turn away from his Isaac Just accept that and stop questioning him in silly ways over silly things!!!

I will dance alone.

This is definitely a journey song Damhow could anybody give this song a thumbs down, when all this man was doing in this song was confessing his love for a women that wasn't in love with him she was already in a relationship and in love. I stand accused of loving you lm guilty, A faint heart never wins a fair maiden. Cheryl Bazemore. Wella Dorado. Chris Jones.

The best of isaac hayes, volume 1 tracklist

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Isaac hayes - i stand accused lyrics

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