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When I worked one-on-one with wives who shared your concerns, I began by setting an expectation of achieving very positive .

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No affection can be one of the first things to happen in a relationship after you get married and have children. Along with life's many other stressors, couples all too often withdraw into themselves and forget how important it is to gently touch their partner on a regular basis.

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The underlying premise of this advice is that my husband just did not know that I liked affection. Periodically reminding my husband that he was not affectionate was the surefire way to make him show affection. Everybody said so. So I did that.

Be the example for your husband

But whether I begged, cajoled, demanded or made friendly suggestions, it never worked. If anything, it made my pain and dejection more acute. I wanted to feel desired, just like the old days when he was always smooching me or patting my butt. So step one for me was to stop listening to that terrible advice which, to this day, makes me want to punch someone in the nose.

Instead, consider that he may not be feeling loved either, even if you are being affectionate with him. Fortunately, rather than telling him what he should do, you can naturally restore the petting and flirting by being your best self again. Me, neither—for years. No one ever told me. Maybe no one has ever mentioned it to you either. Like, tons.

Not to mention constructive criticism, interrogation, accusation, and downright rude comments. All of it seemed justified to me—and all of it ruined my chances that he was ever going to come in for a passionate kiss.

But when I look at these pictures now, it seems pretty obvious:. You know how you want him to see you as irresistible, beautiful and lovable? He wants you to see him as smart, capable and strong in the same way.

Way down. You could decide to be as admiring now as you were back then. Letting him talk without correcting, suggesting, teaching, advising or freaking out is a very good start to restoring your magnetism. What about when you put cereal boxes and fake blood on your shirt for Halloween and called yourself a cereal killer? The GOFL is always looking for a good time and is open to that taking priority over doing the laundry. She brings a sense of fun to every situation, even when it all goes wrong and the entire bag of Cheetos is dumped onto the white couch or she accidentally squirts herself with the hose or her husband walks on the freshly mopped floor with muddy boots.

Fretting is not going to make your husband more affectionate. But dancing the Macarena at the grocery store? It definitely could. a community of 15K like-minded women who care about having amazing relationships. I was the perfect wife—until I actually got married.

When I tried to tell my husband how to be more romantic, more ambitious, and tidier, he avoided me. I dragged him to marriage counseling and nearly divorced him. The man who wooed me returned. I am so. We have agreed to disagree and live separately in the same house like brother and sister. It is SO lonely and its not fair to our kids to make them see a non affectionate compromise….

Joyce, That does sound lonely and rough for your eight. So sorry to hear. It would be a huge gift to your kids to learn the 6 Intimacy Skills and try them out on your guy. You could get more help too, and model for them what a great relationship looks like. Consider applying for a discovery call at the link below to uncover the best next move for your relationship. I see your desire underneath the hurt and I can help you honor it. I spent years being frustrated at how my wife now Ex-wife seemed totally disinterested in being intimate with me after about 15 years of marriage. The longer it went on or actually did not go onthe more distance and animosity built between the two of us.

I thought I hid my marital unhappiness from my three sons.

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And make no mistake about this: it is a choice and yes, it takes effort and commitment to get things back on the right track. Just DO IT!!! Love that you talk about self care. Even in bed. I have made a practice of shutting down. He just told me he is thinking of divorcing me because my life style of working is keeping him from having the life he wants. He drinks and gets high every night.

Ive been focusing on him with poor. Rolling my eyes here. I am a year out from two boughts of cancer.

What is intimacy?

Been doing a lot of soul searching. Thanks for the reminder. This could be the breakdown before the breakthrough. I remember how it felt not to know what made me happy. I want that for you too! I am married for 32 yrs and just got better from a wernicke encephalitis episode due to medical negligence.

Hospitalized for 50 days and 3 days comatosed under life support system. I was shocked and saddened when my wife gave me a 30 mins scolding and lecture on being self sufficient. She said I am withdrawn and no longer self sufficient. She wanted me to be active once again ….

She claimed I am enjoying the added attention I am having.

It grieved me so much. I have given her my life savings and my children are both taken care and working now no problem with children. It sounds like that ordeal has put quite a strain on you and your marriage, and that it is taking some time for your wife to adjust. While I wish I could offer you more support, I work only with women in my mission to end world divorce. I wish you all the best as you continue to recuperate and your family continues to adjust.

If you have no idea how to get your husband to be more affectionate, you might read the 6 tips below:

As I read the blog post about how she wanted her husband to be affecting again like when they were dating and how all the kisses, etc. Came back, all I could think was how my relationship surely had no hope for affection because there is none to bring back to begin with. I left after16 years…too hard to continue the toxic cycle. God knows I turned over every stone. And then if you start to care for yourself and do things you enjoy so that you feel happy and fulfilled, instead of tired and exhausted and resentful, everything will be ok.

By the way ok is now one of my favourite words it makes you let go of the control reigns. My husband has been back home since last October and we are living like roommates. It makes me very sad. Same boat… exactly… what a lonely life.

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Same age, etc. I am not done living and I am tired of waiting! He also stopped being affectionate, he used to be so very affectionate, constantly touching me or kissing me. I shared my feelings with him recently, I told him I feel like we are 2 friends living together and I need more than that. This is crazy.

I deserve a fulfilling marriage and this is not that. Zandilethank you for the advice, I am start to do better to my husband today. Hello friend, my name is Lena. And I need some unique advice for a unique situation. My life.

I read the article and I agree, these attributes are very successful for any relationship, but my situation is unique. And I hope Im not too late, but I needed to try. You see, I all these positive attributes come natural for me. My hubby calls me his perfect wife, his beautiful amazing wife. And it wonderful that he calls me these things.

We truly have a beautiful relationship, but…. And this is what makes my situation different. He loves it and soaks it up like a sponge. May I emphasize some? And when he finally lays down, to snuggle, he rubs me a little bit.