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We all want to feel free to be ourselves, but relationships run more smoothly when we're aware of one another's needs and sensitivities. Extroverts tend to be so exuberant and enthusiastic, they sometimes feel like bulls—or at least calves—in a China shop around introverts.

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But many of the introverts I hear from are definitely hesitant, perplexed, intimidated, confused, clueless, discouraged, or otherwise confuddled about interacting with other introverts. I get it. I really do. I used to be intimidated by other introverts, too.

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10 simple tips to help you understand and get along with introverts in your workplace

Marketeer Read full profile. The introvert label is highly misunderstood. Fundamentally, while the introvert enjoys the company of others, they are equally comfortable alone. Here are a few tips and facts about introverts to help you understand them better. Introverts thoroughly process information before they speak their mind.

According to Peter Vogt of Career Advice Monster — a self-confessed introvert — isolation is when an introvert thrives, so consider taking a step back and leaving them to their own devices when possible. Most introverts are highly methodological people who have excellent analytical skills.

6 ways to make an introvert-extrovert relationship work

Introverts perform better in quiet spaces, which is one of the reasons why they often choose solitary professions such as writing, ing and programming. If you have a predominantly introvert workforce, try making your office a calmer environment. Extroverts often go into interviews and meetings full of adrenaline and pumped to make a good impression; however, this often causes them to lose focus. Introverts on the other hand will listen, absorb, and then speak, giving them more time to consider their answers.

Trying to get employees motivated about working is not an easy task. Employee engagement agency Berghind Joseph states that commitment will only come when an employee feels respected and that their work has purpose. Introverts are already naturally more engaged with their work.

Do introverts get along with other introverts?

Contrary to popular belief, introverts can actually be very engaging in a public speaking situation. Featured photo credit: Dollar Photo Club via dpc2. Productivity and self-improvement blogger Read full profile.

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13 ‘rules’ for being friends with an introvert

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How introverts and extroverts can get along

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They think before they talk Introverts thoroughly process information before they speak their mind. More by this author James Timpson Marketeer. Read Next. Kayla Matthews Productivity and self-improvement blogger Read full profile.