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I am seek How to find a hot girl who loves transvetite

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To start with, clubs, bars, bookstores and malls are often NOT the best places to find really hot, friendly, and sexually open women. Most really hot girls are actually homebodies that would rather go out with a tight-knit circle of friends. The threesome forecast is looking bright and sunny in all 50 states….

But once you get access, each month you can go to new parties and meet new women, or just build on relationships with two or three of your favorite girls. I detail how to find these exclusive parties in my 10 hour program Blissnosis Sexual Mastery. Because these parties are the best way to meet sexually liberal and beautiful girls to pull into threesomes.

And they really surpass any club, bar, bookstore or the like for the quality and openness of the babes. She needs to be VERY comfortable with her bi-sexuality first.

How to get a hot girl to like you

When I get there, I want you to be wearing a pair of your high heels. A pair of tall heels. I want you to look sexy for me when I get to the door. When she puts her heels on, reward her. Tell her how hot and sexy she is now.

Wow, they make you look sexy. And that starts with the heels. High heels are the perfect contextual cue to put a woman into the mood for sex and to act like your wicked pleasure mistress.

Top 10 ways to meet hot women

Clearly written by a single teenage guy in America. Hey Jesse, you really give good advice!

A girl does NOT have to be into bisexuality in order to be with a threesome with you. She and the other woman simply have to BOTH like you so much that they can not imagine being with anyone else other than you.

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I might sound odd but it really does work. A chick in high heels is a definate turn on for most men.

And if the girl couples those heels with a short skirt of any kind, well then, that is a guarantee that she is looking her hottest. Had a girl in high school that had the greatest par of legs in school- but what did she like to wear? And baggy pants at that. She continued that dress code thru college and didnt get hardly any dates.

Where to find the hottest girls and perfect 10s for threesomes

I think she learned to dress better when she got out of college and got her first job in an office building. She copied the dress code in the office by wearing heels and a short skirts and COMPETING with the other women in the office as to see who could look hotter on a daily basis.

Yes it IS a competition out there…. Within just ONE year- she married one of the doctors that used that billing office. Case closed- short dresses and High heels works.

Getting laid with hot girls wherever you are: 7 tips

The bottom line is I am willing to try anything to keep it exciting. Why not make her earn the High Heels? Like rewarding her for doing some kind of task you want done? Sorry to sound harsh before, I have a lot of respect for you and the other guys blogging.

Glad you went into a little more detail. Hi Jesse, How r u?

Other wise i m going to stop watching your site. Regards Nagaraja.

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What if you are from a small town with less than people and you give yourself a bad name back in school? Yes, I had plenty when I traveled with work it was expensie but I got what I wanted. Have not had any in 7 months now and am about to go insane. I own everything amnd owe nothing, am just tired of waiting for a lady to see all I have and want some of it.

Please hel. Thank you.