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AnG It's just a game just pretend and you don't have to it just boost up your level power so.

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Hey all! Please be sure to review them carefully! Love is in the air and basketball madness is marching! Spring into action with Hollywood U! NOTE: Iris will not come with an exclusive quest.

Thank you so much for playing Hollywood U and coming on this journey with us. Be sure to play the finale quest for a special message from us at the very end!

Inside Choices is a weekly behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry team. This week, we took the chance to reflect on our Hollywood U journey.

We launched Hollywood U two-plus years ago in December of The energy in the office then was electric, with everyone scrambling around trying to hit their impossible deadlines. After our launch, we celebrated with an on-theme film festival.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Several brave souls dug up embarrassing videos of themselves for everyone to watch. The team has always been passionate about whatever it works on. And that passion comes through in cosplay… Recognize these characters? Many of our writers wrote quests week in and week out.

But we still managed to have fun together in our writing and in our brainstorms. It was a very busy lunch.

The best part of Hollywood U was, well, all of you. Your creativity and enthusiasm — expressed through fanart, headcanons, ships, and messages — was what drove us to keep writing and doing our best. Eddie, who you might know from our livestreamshad this to say:.

Some of you have already played the Hollywood U finale and even reached out to us about how the game has influenced you. That means the world to us.

The next game update for Hollywood U will be its last, and weekly quests will no longer be released… but the spirit of Hollywood U continues to burn bright. When I look around our office, I see the Choices team dedicating the same hard work, creativity, and love that they put into Hollywood U. As we shift focus to Choices, the team will grow and evolve, but our love for storytelling remains the same.

New quest alert! Play through to the end of the quest to see a special message from the Pixelberry team. To everyone who has come with us on this journey, thank you so much.

For proof, notice one of my reblogs mentions a new game is coming, one day before we publicly announced it. Thank you to all of you for coming on this journey with us. We love and appreciate you!

Posts Archive. We encourage you to read our new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy linked above! We seem calm here, but the excitement on launch day was through-the-roof… After our launch, we celebrated with an on-theme film festival.

Thank you to everyone for playing Hollywood U! I love her already. Now go study, please!

Throwback… Tuesday! Top Photos.