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Are you in a relationship with a high-maintenance woman? Do you want your relationship to work but feel that you are up against different challenges because of her behavior and attitude? Are you wondering if you can make it work? If this sounds like you, keep reading. You can succeed in a relationship with a high-maintenance woman, and the tips included below can help.

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She seems like the perfect girl. Always dressed impeccably, has manicured nails, a perfect social media profile and a lipstick that never smudges. Perfection personified. Till you figure out that it takes a lot of money to maintain this perfection and she did not, in fact, wake up like this. In other words, a high maintenance girl.

Dating a high maintenance girl might not seem like a big deal initially but take our word for it, it will cost you some big bucks in the long run. Especially if you are someone who lives a low maintenance life, adjusting with a spendthrift girlfriend can be tough. It might be better for you to avoid a high maintenance woman.

If your girlfriend raises too many of these red flags, move on.

So, what does high maintenance mean? A high maintenance girl is someone who has high standards with respect to almost everything! She not only has high expectations with respect to material things but also with respect to her need for love and attention. Being high maintenance can be related to anything, it can be materialistic, emotional or otherwise.

A high maintenance girl is rarely ever satisfied with anything. Add to that the gifts for a high maintenance girl that you will have to keep buying. But how do you know that your lady love is a high maintenance woman? Here are 10 s she is a high maintenance girlfriend.

All that your girlfriend cares about is her appearance and what others think about her. She has attention-seeking tendencies. Her obsession with her personal image will become evident to you after a point. She will always strive to achieve her idea of perfection. This will show in the way she conducts herself. Though this might seem harmless at first, it will become intolerable when you realise this is all she cares about.

Her inability to prioritise your needs to make you even slightly happy is one of the red flags of a materialistic girl. She is always impeccably turned out with a hair never out of place. That does need a lot of salon visits, blow dry, expensive make-up and oh yes, she likes her wardrobe to be branded. Girls who High maintenance women high maintenance are conscious about their looks and their image in front of others.

While you are dating her, you are a part of her image too. Therefore, she will want you to match up to her level to impress others.

The best way to keep her pleased is by becoming more invested in your appearances. Get a wardrobe upgrade, order yourself some new shirts, trousers and shoes. Invest in a premium fragrance. Groom yourself regularly. Only when your turn out is as prim and proper as hers will she be truly happy with you. After all, she wants to flaunt you in front of her friends and will want you to dress according to her idealistic standards when you are meeting her friends.

She will make you feel like a trophy boyfriend in front of her friends. She has the habit of bossing everyone including you. She makes you do her chores like pick up the dry cleaning, pick up her clothes from the store, feed the dog, etc. You know she is showing high maintenance woman s when she expects you to pick up her laundry, pick her up from the spa, spend time with her at the gym and fix her sink on your off day.

For a high maintenance woman doing things for her guy is too lowly. She is never on time at any event. Imagine telling her to meet you at p. It takes her hours to get herself all prim and proper. If this is not a of a high maintenance girlfriend, then what is?

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When it comes to getting ready let us tell you what is a high-maintenance woman like. If she is going out for a party with you or even a date, she would start talking about what she would wear a week in advance. Then on D-Day even if she starts decking up two hours in advance she would never be on time.

Her last-minute touches on her make-up could take hours. You have planned a perfect date for her. But when she comes for the date, instead of being happy she starts complaining about everything. Instead, she will point out every possible flaw with your plan. A high maintenance girl like her own suggestions and plans best. Therefore, your innovative, out of the box ideas might High maintenance women impress her. You know emotionally she is a high maintenance woman because it really takes a lot of effort to impress her. A relationship involves two people making decisions together.

In your case, she is somehow always the one telling you what to do. She can be controlling and manipulative to suit her purpose. It is essential for her to make everything fit her idealistic view. You are no exception. She wants you to behave in a way she approves of and therefore ends up being controlling of your High maintenance women action.

Men may be confused about what to buy their girlfriend and sometimes end up buying the worst of gifts. This is why sometimes girlfriends give hints or slip in suggestions about something they would want. Giving subtle hints is harmless but imagine your girlfriend giving you a list of things to buy her. Buying gifts for a high maintenance woman is a tough job. Oftentimes, this list is filled with fancy things that you can barely afford and she probably knows that already.

Think outside the box, shop in the premium aisle. Exquisite jewelry, fancy handbags, gorgeous shoes, flattering dresses — your high-maintenance girl has a taste for finer things in life.

What is a high maintenance girl?

Those are the kind of gifts you should be looking for if you want to keep her happy. It becomes tiresome and expensive especially when you both live quite far from each other. When you talk to her about it, she emotionally manipulates you and you have no other choice but to give in.

Even if she own a car and can drive herself she would want you to do the dropping and picking. Your high maintenance girlfriend loves you when you buy her expensive gifts! Nothing makes her as happy as fancy shiny things with huge price tags.

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The way to her heart is through your credit card. Sometimes you may even feel that you need to keep buying her expensive things to earn her love. Ask yourself, is she with you because she loves you or because of the gifts, you buy her? Whenever you find yourself at a loss for what to get her next or which gifts to pamper her with, just play it safe by getting her a high-value gift card. She is used to a lavish lifestyle and wants you to live that way too.

To make things worse, a high maintenance girl makes you pay for all these expensive dates. If not all the time, she makes you pay most of the time. What matters is whether you can afford this lifestyle. If you think you have the means to and you love this girl, your relationship should be seamless.

However, if you are constantly struggling to make ends meet because of this high maintenance girl, you may want to let go. Then within a month she could lose interest and decide to start cycling instead and then invest in buying an expensive cycle and cycling gear with it. She is fickle but wants the best and because of my banking job I manage to keep up with her whims. On the contrary having a low maintenance girlfriend is probably way more easier because of the sheer fact that she hardly has any expectations.

She is not a fashionista, not does she love the high life.