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We're sorryHavana Eau De Toilette is currently sold out. Add Your Own Review.

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Info Reviews 18 Statements 3 Photos 22 Chart. Where to buy. Search on. Havana Eau de Toilette is a popular perfume by Aramis for men and was released in The scent is spicy-woody.

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Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring newsfeaturesa database of fragrances, fragrance forumsuser reviews and more. Log in Register. Perfume Reviews Home ». Reviews of Havana by Aramis. Add your review of Havana by Aramis. Total Reviews: SentSensei Show all reviews United States. Havana is the first scent I love so much that I purchased a back up. Don't judge this masterpiece based on the opening, which is kind of a mess.

There are a lot of notes listed but the middle bay rum that rides through till the base of tobacco and woodiness may be the most prominent notes.

Heck yeah! I felt having a 'bay rum' fragrance would be good for the collection and this totally covers that and more. In the long run this will be in my top As long as the price holds I don't think it will it is a blind buy as I guarantee there are plenty of basenote-ers that will take it, me included. BTW, this is not one of those scents to wear once, freak out over the opening and post a trash review. Get to know this fragrance and fall in love. Viva Havana! Thumbs up! Hazzle77 Show all reviews United Kingdom.

Absolutely love this.

Great, fresh opening, slight urine smell for the first 5 minutes or so which I get from the original Aramis but from that point on it's great and settles into a beautiful, sweet rolling tobacco scent in the drydown. Seriously good value. Filip Show all reviews. I have been six times so far and cannot wait to go there again. Being in CUBA is actual time travel or as close as one can actually experience.

This perfume is not different is not for the faint of heart, it is not worn to impress others. It is worn for the experience of sitting in a normal cuban men's hair salon a place where time has stopped. Advertisement — Reviews continue below.

Alex F. Show all reviews.

Now, why have a favourite if you don't at least have one that comes close. Here's mine. Aramis Havana, current version As I've remarked elsewhere, there's a cinnamon note in this one that just rubs me the wrong way, but aside from that, this is really wearable on clothing. I repeat - on clothing. On my skin, similarly to the current Habit Rouge, a strange thing happens - an impressively complicated and well-balanced scent, picture it as a statue if you will - melts into the ground only leaving half a crooked arm, a shoulder and part of the hair visible.

I imagine this is what someone from Cuba smells like, sitting in a 's Chevrolet with the top down under a string of glass Christmas lights, smoke billowing from an open air meat market in the hot sun.

Reviews of havana by aramis

But it smells cheap to me, and from the many reviews I've read smells nothing like what I was expecting. This one is definitely not for me, and the vintage decant is already down the road.

Samsonite Show all reviews United States. I absolutely love Havana its unique and sweet I get a little hint of tobacco but not much and the bay rum is from start to finish and its strong so a little goes a long way I tried the vintage and its still fantastic the packaging reminds me of a jungle full of leafy trees hopefully they will keep this in production for years and years if it gets discontinued I'm gonna be sad and order more from Ebay it's that good this is my 3rd bottle!

I have a relatively new bottle ish so the formula can't be vintage, however, it is still an amazing scent. I think it is very a very barbershop-like fragrance with the addition of tobacco notes. The tobacco notes smell like they came from a really high-end fragrance. It's really cheap so it's for sure a safe blind-buy. Brooks Otterlake Show all reviews United States.

Aramis Havana delivers something of a peculiar entry in the "vacation in a bottle" genre, but it's not a vacation to a resort, but to a faded, storied hotel, somewhere where you can escape the heat in a shadowy courtyard full of hanging plants and sip on a spiced rum and cola. It's a must-own for those who crave dynamic wearing experiences, given that its character evolves and shifts along with where it is in its lifespan and with adjustments in the ambient temperature and humidity.

Sometimes it's restrained and shadowy, a mossy fougere, and sometimes it's exuberantly spicy. Thus, it's something of a wear-anytime fragrance, depending on which side of Aramis Havana you come to Havana cologne review the most. While it's not precisely old-fashioned, it's also not particularly youthful; it's a fragrance for those who love "mature" or "classic" fougeres and chypres and will enjoy a particularly inventive, masterful spin on classic fragrance structures.

Andrewthecologneguy Show all reviews Nigeria. After all these years, Havana is still a wonderful, masculine, green, sweet, smokey, bright concoction.

The re-release in the clear bottle and chrome cap is close enough to be an accurate representation. Love Havana, one of Aramis' best offerings. This runs off a foundation of clove oil, sandalwood not cedarand rum. I get a very light use of soapy lavender in this and mixing with the booze and spice makes it a little sweet.

Hints of jasmine, patchouli, and tobacco floating in the mix. This isn't quite as dedicated to tobacco as some claim. It takes a little tobacco and works it through a large wood note very much like Jacomo De Jacomo Original But that approach gives enjoyable in this mellow scent. This smells of tobacco with oakmoss and little else to my nose, and remains like that for the duration of its life which is incredibly strong.

Sillage is moderate but leaning strong. Some people say they get bay rum and spices from this but I only detect the note of tobacco mainly with hints of oakmoss. It's a fragrance that smells better in the air than sniffed directly from the skin. It is definitely unique, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of the tobacco note. Though for some I can understand the nostalgia with it in cuban cigars.

Reviews of havana

Overall it's a unique and masculine fragrance but not something I see myself reaching for often. And it doesn't smell that bad in the air, especially if layered with something with green notes. Aramis as a perfume house has been a miss for me for the most part unfortunately although I wanted to like it in theory because they make affordable masculine old-school colognes. UPDATE: After letting this age for a month and also smelling a bunch of other tobacco colognes, I now rate this as one of the best tobacco fragrances and something quite enjoyable indeed.

Whereas before this was eau de ashtray on me, I now smell a very green tobacco leaf mixed with bay rum, spices, and oakmoss. I love it now, and have increased the rating from 3. Aramis Havana isn't how I imagined it would be from reviews on here. I imgained it would smell like Pablo escobar with guts and loud brash unapologetic notes. What I get is a very green spicey concoction, somewhere between an oakmoss scent and a classic bayrum. The strange thing is tho I hardly detect tobacco unless it's the green field type, it's also very light considering the dominant notes.

I don't actually feel that this is dated either, it's perfect if you want to wear an old school classic type without smelling too dated I'm seriously getting Havana cologne review lol. I think this is great for summer evenings enjoying yourself after a good shower routine. Simular to vintage paco rabanne in the far dry down.