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Your early 20s are a time for many things: Bad takeout, poor quality bath towels that you should probably wash more, and nights spent with friends — sharing clothes and going out, only to leave the party early and watch Queer Eye. Of course, your early 20s are also a time for some major romance ups and downs. And if you've fallen in love for the first time or just had your heart completely shattered, this best dating advice for your early 20s is like a hug from your mom and an ice cream cone all in one. Whether you found love early, have no interest in dating, or you're still looking for the right one — dating in your early 20s is a time to learn about yourself and to explore what makes you feel happy and supported in relationships.

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Dating guide: things to remember while dating in your 20s

Advertiser Disclosure. Dating can be exciting and overwhelming, especially in your 20s. Although it can be exhilarating, it can also be quite exhausting. How can you be expected to know how to handle everything, from playful crushes to crushing breakups without any guidance?

Are you ready to have some fun? Your 20s is a time to let loose and live your best life ever. So, have fun, but be smart about it. First, get more in-tune with yourself.

How to date in your late twenties

Figure out what you want in a partner and relationship before jumping in. How can you identify what you want? Make a list of deal-breakers.

Specifically, make a list of criteria that would disqualify a potential match. Examples of deal-breakers are: 1. A person who has poor hygiene.

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re someone’s mom, *not* their partner

Someone who is already in a relationship or married. Someone who already has children. Then, make a list of things you like in a partner and relationship, such as: 1. A person with a dry sense of humor. A person who is thoughtful and kind.

An intellectual person. A person who wants to eventually have a family.

A complete guide to dating in your 20s

A person who puts others first. Lastly, make a list of your best qualities, such as: 1. Compassionate and understanding. Thoughtful and kind. Loving and affectionate.

Single in your late 20s? here are some dating tips that actually work

But, this applies to men too! Listed below are ways you can date with intent: 1. Go out with friends, train for a marathon, volunteer at a local shelter, take a class, etc. Try to genuinely connect with your date. Find something you share and build on that connection. Ask questions, pay attention, and put away your smartphone! Moreover, pay attention to red flags. So, if you get a bad feeling on a date, abandon ship.

Try to have fun on your dates. Then, go from there. In addition, be patient and use your time wisely.

16 women reveal their best dating tips for your early 20s & their advice is everything

Get to know your date, and allow them to get to know you. It means going on lots of dates with different types of people.

Be open-minded too. By taking a class that brings all kinds of people together. Or, meeting people at sporting events, a bookstore, a church service, a festival, a concert, the mall, or even the movies. You can even meet people online — in the comfort of your own home! Here are the top-rated online dating sites. The key to getting the most out of dating in your 20s is being open to new people and experiences.

How else are you going to meet the person of your dreams? So, get up and start dating! Another great tip is to be yourself.

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No one is worth compromising your morals, values, and dignity. Ask your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to share what they LOVE about you. If not, there are other fish in the sea, so keep looking. Also, be cautious. This is especially true for online datingbut also for in-person dating. Furthermore, rely on your gut. It will tell you everything you need to know about a person, so listen to your gut before diving head-first into a bad relationship. Keep your eyes on the prize: finding a long-term partner.

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