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Messages have been pouring into Samantha Estey's phone since a picture of her naked began circulating on the internet.

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Estey was 17 when the photo was taken, and she sent it to someone in a private message. Years later, the image is being spread online. Pornographic images of women and minors across the province and around the world have been circulating online without their knowledge.

At one time, the images might have been called revenge porn, but these are being shared almost the way baseball cards are traded.

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Estey's photo is among thousands of images of naked women from around the world that can be found on the online forum. The website, which has a Russian server, classifies the photographs by countries and regions, and the pictures are mostly of young women.

2 women feel helpless against unauthorized online exchange of pictures

Many are pornographic. Attached to the images are the the names of the subjects and where they likely are — sometimes even their place of work.

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Users can search for images by region of the world — in Canada, New Brunswick or cities within the province, for instance. A user who wants to see a picture of a particular person who is not on the site has to provide a photo of someone — preferably a nude photo.

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Then the user names the person he or she is looking for, and fellow users who have pictures of that person can send them to the site. I didn't put it there.

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I didn't ask for this. Over the past three days, the site's popularity has skyrocketed in the Moncton area after a post was shared on Facebook.

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Requests for photo exchanges on the porn website have also soared. Over the past few days, Sasha Tardif learned through a link a friend sent to her that a photo of her had been posted to the website. The year-old Grand Falls woman said the photo came from her Instagramwhich has a public setting that anyone can access.

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In exchange for the photo's publication, a user asked for a naked picture of Tardif. When she investigated and visited the website, Tardif recognized a dozen other women she knew, and she immediately tried to warn them. Some of the women were aware of the site, but others had no idea images of them were being shared. The moment it's on one website it'll be like two, three other websites.

But she said these cases present a challenge, since sharing an explicit photo of someone without their consent is not necessarily a crime.

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RCMP said if a photo has appeared on a public site such as Facebook or Instagram, sharing the image is not illegal. However, if a photo was sent by private message, or it concerns minors, the sharing would be considered illegal, Rogers-Marsh said.

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Police are encouraging victims to file complaints. If people see pornographic pictures of children, they should complete a form on the Canadian Child Sexual Exploitation Reporting Centre's website.

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Both Estey and Tardif admit to being afraid for their safety because their personal information is circulating online and could help users find them if they wanted to. Tardif said she's frustrated the images were spread around, and she feels a sense of helplessness. She said there needs to be more awareness about posting personal photos on social media or sending private photos.

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Everyday, she said, teenagers are told they shouldn't post certain images online but they're never told why. New Brunswick Naked images from website haunt New Brunswick woman 5 years later Messages have been pouring into Samantha Estey's phone since a picture of her naked began circulating on the internet.

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