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Floyd Wells, a former cell mate of Dick Hickock, hears about the Clutter family murders and is struck with the realization that he knows who killed them and why. A former employee of Herbert Clutter, Wells remembers that he had told Dick about the Clutter family, revealing details about the house and its occupants. Wells realized that Dick believed, based on Well's of his own employment there, that there would be a safe in the office. While Capote revealed the identity of the killers at the very beginning of the novel, he kept both a motive and any connection between the murderers and the Clutters to himself. Sometimes, Capote's writing suggested that even the killers themselves didn't know why they chose this family to kill.

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Parents Home Homeschool College Resources. Study Guide. By Truman Capote. Next. Alvin Dewey is very experienced in these kinds of cases and was a friend of the Clutters. This makes it personal to him, and he vows to solve the case if it takes the rest of his life.

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The case is making headlines all over the country, and lots of out-of-town reporters are arriving. At his first press conference, Dewey refuses to speculate about the identity of the killer or killers. He holes up in his office looking at evidence from the crime scene, including photos of the murdered Clutters. He re through some of Nancy's diary. They give main suspect Bobby Rupp a lie detector test even though no one thinks he had anything to do with it. All the possibilities have to be considered—a love triangle, a business deal gone bad, a dispute over a neighbor's dog. Robbery doesn't seem to be the motive, since the family's valuables were all in the house.

Neighbors are now afraid to trust each other. House lights are kept on all night. Meanwhile, Perry is annoying Dick nearly to death in Kansas City by endlessly reading newspaper s of the murders. Perry suspects the investigators have clues, despite what the papers say. He says he has good instincts about it. Dick disagrees; it was a perfect score.

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Just to needle him, Perry brings up a name: Floyd. This infuriates Dick, as Perry expected it would. Dick says it would be worth it to go back to jail just to kill Floyd.

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Perry says, "I'm not saying he would" 2. Perry tells Dick about a recurring dream he has about a yellow parrot that exists only to sweep him away from dangers.

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But Dick only has "normal" dreams—about blondes. Susan Kidwell reminisces about her friendship with Nancy Clutter and how she and Bobby were friends for a while—and that he wasn't bitter about being the chief suspect for the murders. Susan, Bobby, and Bobby's kid brother were allowed to view the bodies of the Clutter family before the funeral, and Susan wished they hadn't.

The head of each body was covered in a huge ball of cotton fabric, to hide the fact that there wasn't much left of their he or faces. Perry re the latest of the murder in the newspaper, while we wonder whether it makes sense to give publicity to criminals. He's impressed that over a thousand people attended the funeral.

He muses on what a genius Dick really is. Dick's gotten them a stake, enough to get the two of them to Mexico, by posing in several stores as the talkative friend of the groom to Perry's glum, silent groom.

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Together they've written bad checks for a slew of new, easily sellable, stolen goods. This gets Perry thinking about what kind of woman he'd want to marry, if he ever did. He remembers a nurse he fooled around with while recuperating from his motorcycle accident. In an uncharacteristic moment of guilt, Dick realizes that his parents will be on the hook for the bad checks he's written. In an equally uncharacteristic moment of kindness, Perry vows to cover the checks once they've made their money in Mexico.

Dick doesn't seem to understand—has he been only pretending to go along with Perry's plans for Mexico? Officer Dewey's home phone, back in the day when your only choice was a land line, has started to ring in the middle of the night with false confessions to the Clutter murders. And yeah, back in the day special agents apparently had their home phone s listed.

This night, having been awakened by another crank caller, Dewey's wife asks if their lives will ever be normal again. Dewey starts to answer her, but the phone rings again. The investigators have revisited Girls wanting dick Dewey OK as the motive for the killing, because they found Kenyon's radio missing. Plus, they found Nancy's gold watch hidden in a shoe, as if she thought there were robbers in the house. Dewey's still obsessing about the mattress box and pillows found under Kenyon and Mr. Meanwhile, the black Chevrolet leaves Kansas on November 21, with Perry's sentimental belongings filling up the car.

They cross the border into Oklahoma at midnight. Finally, Perry relaxes. He has no regrets about leaving Kansas, since he's leaving nobody.

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Dick, on the other hand, is leaving two parents, three sons, and a brother—people he could never hope to see again in this life. Back in Holcomb, the news is that Beverly Clutter, one of the Clutter's two surviving daughters, surprises everyone by moving her wedding up to a date when most of the Clutter family is in Kansas—three days after the funeral. With the wedding over, the Clutters disperse. Bonnie's brother, Howard Fox, writes a letter to the local paper asking the citizens to forgive the killers. He sees no point in having them hang.

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Perry and Dick park on a promontory to picnic. Something's wrong with them, to have done with they did, Perry suggests. Ya think? Dick's annoyed, because he considers himself normal, especially compared to Perry, who, Dick has found out, cries in his sleep for his dad, wets his bed, and sucks his thumb.

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Dick wonders silently, like Perry, if the two of them are truly going to get away with the multiple murders. Perry reflects on that night at the Clutters'. Sights and sounds come back to him in a weird, disted way. He can't help but think there's something wrong with him, especially since he had such a miserable childhood.

With his mother being a drunk who strangled on her own vomit, two of his siblings killing themselves, who wouldn't be messed up? Once again Dick insists that he, himself, is normal. Then he guns the motor to drive over an old dog and keeps driving. This story isn't true, but Perry wants Dick's approval. Dick believed this story the first time he heard it, in prison, but he's starting to not believe it now.

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Many people around Holcomb are scared to death after the Clutter murders and are leaving the area. Ashida and family are one of the bunch, which really disappoints the other locals. But Mrs. Ashida can't forget her last, ironically encouraging words to Herb Clutter about his being able to talk his way out of anything. But the murderers aren't in Kansas anymore. They've reached Mexico. Dick had picked up Otto, who enjoyed Dick's jokes. But Dick and Perry are out of money, and the plan is to go back to Mexico City and sell the car, after which Dick will get a job in a garage so they can stay afloat.

Yeah, right—Perry knows that any money Dick makes will be immediately blown on alcohol and women.

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While Dick nurses a migraine and Otto sketches Perry in a notebook that contains many "nude studies" of Dick, Perry hooks a ten-foot sailfish. The photograph taken of him next to the fish shows an expression so beatific that it seems as though "a tall yellow bird had hauled him to heaven" 2.

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Back on the Clutter farm, on a December afternoon, Paul Helm is pruning and feeling blue about his job and the world in general. Herb Clutter had said to him that he hoped there would always be a Clutter on the land, and a Helm, too, but now it looks as though the place will be sold. As he's looking up at the empty windows, he sees a hand lift up behind Bonnie Clutter's window and then fall again.

He phones Sheriff Robinson, who alerts Agent Dewey and his men. They rush over and confront an armed stranger who's emerged from the house. The agents remove the stranger's gun and start asking him questions. Who is this guy? The man's name is Jonathan Daniel Adrian. He's a transient, and was on his way to New Mexico when he got curious about the Clutter murder scene.