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We are one of the largest importers, distributors and manufacturers in the US. With multiple warehouses across the country and overseas. We are a promotional to mid priced, complete home furnishings supplier.

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Find free classifieds for Furniture for sale for sale or to buy in India. FREE in India helps you search, find, buy, sell, rent or hire in various like apartments, goods for sale, local services, carsjobs and many more in India. Shown below are available in Furniture for saleIndia. You can use search box above to refine your search.

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Looking for an old furniture sale or a used furniture sale online? Look no farther, because at Want Ad Digest we have been in the classified business for half a century, and we connect trusted sellers with buyers every day. We provide excellent reasons why to buy furniture used, and why to go through us specifically. And, we give you tips on how to go about buying old furniture for sale - what to measure, furniture never to buy used, questions to ask the seller, how to deal with imperfections on the piece, etc.

We are covering kitchen and dining furniture, bedroom furniture, and living room furniture. When it comes to buying furniture, whether it's used furniture for sale you are looking into or brand new, you do not want to settle.

Buy the best quality furniture that you can afford - and more importantly, will actually use - so that you can ensure you will have furniture you love for a long time to come. Used furniture classifieds are often the best way to go to buy quality pieces of furniture for less.


Usually when people are putting up their used furniture for sale through used furniture it is not because there is anything wrong the piece, but rather, they are simply upgrading to something new. For that reason, buying furniture used is an excellent path to take, because you can save a ificant amount of money while ensuring that you are purchasing sturdy pieces.

Moreover, when you go with Want Ad Digest, you are guaranteed to be dealing with reputable sellers who have kept the products safe and well kept; this is particularly important when it comes to used furniture for sale, which is sensitive to wear and tear over time.

Prior to browsing old furniture for sale, picture the piece that you want and know the specific features that are you looking for. The price of the used furniture is important, but not as much as whether or not the item actually fits in your home and will thus be used. The wrong furniture in the wrong home can really hurt the comfort of the atmosphere. Measuring spaces beforehand is critical. Measure the room, the space the piece will be going into, and also the entrances and stairs. Also, do not forget when taking measurements to include details like headboards on a used Furniture classified ads frames, or mirrors on used dressers for sale.

It should go without saying that you will want the used couch or other piece of furniture to survive the move.

Make sure to ask if there is a delivery fee, or if you will be picking it up. Furthermore, read the description carefully to see if there is assembly required. If so, is it something that you can do yourself or will you need to hire someone? At home assembly is certainly not a deal breaker, but you do want to make sure you know what you are getting into so that there are no surprises. Before getting further into how to go about purchasing used furniture for sale online at Want Ad Digest, you should Furniture classified ads aware that there are certain pieces of furniture that should not be bought used: chairs held together with staples unsafe or lamps that short out fire hazard.

Some maintain that you should not purchase a used crib because it could be recalled, or have some other issue with it, and safety should be paramount with children. Good pieces of old furniture for sale are used beds for sale as in the framesused dressers for sale, used couches or used sofas for sale, used coffee tables or used dining tables for sale, used chairs for sale such as used armchairs for saleor basically anything sturdy and long-lasting.

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Some say that you should not purchase used mattresses for sale, but if you can be guaranteed there are no bed bugs then that should not be a problem. Questions to ask before purchasing a piece of used furniture for sale: Where has the piece been stored? You do not want something that has been kept outside exposed to potential weather elements, or something that has been stored in a humid garage or attic.

Who will be using the furniture when you buy it? How will it be treated? How long are you expecting it to last and be used? Know what is fixable about flaws regarding the piece for sale. For instance, rings from glasses on coffee tables are fixable, but water damage is not. Cracks or dents in furniture can be filled or smoothed.

Color can be changed by painting or varnishing the wood; however, naturally darker wood cannot be lightened. If you get the chance to see the used furniture for sale before you buy it you should "try" it out.

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Sit on chairs, lean on tables, and open and close drawers. Used chairs for sale should feel sturdy and comfortable.

Does the piece look like it has been treated well? If it looks good and durable, it probably is. Also, does it look like it will go with the furniture you already have in your home? Now that we have gone over some of the broader, general tips regarding buying used furniture, let us take a look at the specifics. Used furniture for sale can be broken down into kitchen and dining room furniture, living room furniture, and bedroom furniture; we will also take a look at kids bedroom furniture.

Kitchen and dining room furniture is important because they are where your family and friends will gather.

The dining table is often the main focus of attention during holidays and special occasions. You undoubtedly want the room to feel comfortable and accommodating for you and your loved ones. If you are looking at used dining room tables for sale, or used kitchen tables for sale, keep in mind that rectangular tables are better for larger rooms, and rounder tables for smaller rooms.

Many wood dining tables are quite long-lasting and simply require a polish every once in awhile for maintenance. However, softer woods are more susceptible to scratches, and so you may want to use a tablecloth in that instance.

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Glass tables will not scratch or stain, but fingerprints are more visible. Finally, think about how often you will be using this kitchen or dining table - the former you are more likely to be using on a daily basis, whereas dining room tables may or may not be only used for special occasions. If you are buying used dining room chairs separately from the dining table, do make sure that they will work together. Although, you may be able to save money if you find a dealer offering used tables and used chairs for sale as a set.

Above all, the chairs must be comfortable - they are not worth much if no one actually sits on and uses them. Other used dining room furniture for sale could include wine racks or china cabinets, either of which can make a lovely addition to the home while adding extra storage space. Used couches for sale are the primary furniture item with regard to living rooms or family rooms. Think about what you are looking for in a used couch to Furniture classified ads down your search. Do you prefer leather couches? Do you need a couch that will recline on the ends?

Do you like a ruffled skirt look on the bottom? Think about tight-back couches versus loose-back: Tight-back couches are more formal looking and you are unable to separate the cushions from the couch, while loose-backed couches feature cushions that do not attach to the frame, and thus can be removed.

And also, some couches have cushions on the bottom that move but the top ones do not. Some may be wondering about the difference between couches and sofas - obviously, the two terms are often Furniture classified ads interchangeably.

Technically, the difference between the two is that couches are actually armless pieces of furniture that are primarily used for laying down in, and not sitting; the root of the word "couch" in French correlates with "to lie down.

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Used couches for sale are likely used sofas for sale, but they could be listed under either name. Used sofa beds for sale, or used loveseats for sale, are other options to consider when it comes to used couches or used sofas for sale. Obviously, loveseats are a bit smaller and would be better for a smaller space, or if you are looking to save a little bit more money. Used sofa beds for sale are a good furniture piece to take into consideration because they have come a long way - they are no longer the super uncomfortable things to lie on that they used to be. Moreover, sofa beds can turn any room into a potential guest room.

Coffee tables are another primary used living room furniture piece for sale.

You will want to choose a coffee table that is roughly the same height as your sofa cushions, or slightly shorter. Make sure you can have some clearance room on all sides of the table.

Most used coffee tables for sale are round or oval, but some are rectangular. Bedroom furniture is excellent to buy used, because cheaper, newer bedroom furniture pieces are not built to last as long as old furniture for sale is.

In fact, antique and vintage furniture for sale has much better quality, and also goes with many decors. So in other words, buying used bedroom furniture for sale will not only save you money but often times will last longer than if you had bought it brand new. Bed frames are made to administer a comfortable height for getting in and out of bed.

Most used beds for sale are about seven inches off the floor, although you can buy separate risers to raise the bed higher if you wish this additionally provides more storage space. Size is probably the most important aspect of buying used beds for sale. If you already have a mattress, you will obviously want to buy a used bed frame the appropriate size to correlate with that mattress. But, if you are buying the bed frame first and are not sure what size to get, you can consider the following and do not forget to measure your bedroom space : king sized: 76" x 80," queen sized: 60" x 80," full or double sized: 54" x 75," or twin sized 39" x When it comes to used Furniture classified ads for sale, essentially bigger is better, providing that you have the space to accommodate it.

Think about if you want a mirror attached to your dresser. Also, consider color - solid wood dressers go with pretty much any color scheme and also last a long time. Drawers and dressers should basically coincide with the amount of clothing you will be storing in them. Shoving too many clothes in the dresser le to wrinkled clothing.

As indicated earlier, when checking out used dressers for sale remember to open and close all the drawers in addition to observing its overall appearance. Armories are old fashioned bedroom pieces that can be a wonderful bedroom accessory. They give you more room for storage if you are low on closet space, and some can even allow for electronic storage.

Another less common bedroom piece you may come across are chests - chests are also similar to dressers, but are taller. If you are looking at used kids furniture for sale, you are probably looking for pieces to fit a smaller bedroom than your own.

Bunk beds for kids who are sharing a room can really help with space accommodations. Do not be afraid Furniture classified ads get a little creative to save space - that used toy chest for sale you are looking at could also be a seat! Safety is the one priority when it comes to used kids furniture for sale, and you will want to research any potential safety issues with the used furniture for sale you are looking at.

If purchasing old furniture for sale, make sure it does not contain lead. Be on the lookout for things like loose rails or ladders on bunk beds.