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For junk car removal business, directly finding junk cars for sale by owner is the core business activity.

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Scrap car collection - our history

At Car Removal Auckland we pay cash for cars. All car removal services pay a minimum price for all cars depending on the current scrap metal prices.

To get an idea of what your car is worth it is important to understand what unwanted car buyers look at when purchasing your vehicle. We endeavour to give you the best price we can offer over the phone however in many cases we will have to view to give you our best price.

Need a car picked up?

Determining factors for a cars worth are: mileage, interior and exterior condition, Wheels and Tyres, Mechanical condition and cost of repairs to make road worthy. Also remember that Trucks are worth even more so if you have any unwanted trucks call us first! We then on sell the cars to our list of contacts where they can be wrecked for parts or crushed for the raw metal content. We will pay top dollar for the car in Auckland and then come to you to collect it.

Even the recycle guys who scrap cars cannot match our price and they are not willing or able to come and get the old cars from your backyard or off the street. Typically getting paid can be a big problem also and we pay cash for junk cars. There may possibly be a amount of organizations that provide cash for broken cars in your region however they do not have a collection service so quite often the cost of getting the car transported to the scrap yard can out weigh the pittance that is paid. Avoid all the hassles and give Liam a call at Auckland car removals.

Cash for cars

In Auckland people understand How to Deregister a Car as this is critical specifically if you are on selling your automobile. Not all auto collection organizations are honest and at Liam Ward Car Collection agency we provide free of charge towing and we pay out a lot more cash for cars than the rest of the competitors.

These days there are a few companies collecting cars but be warned not all pay as much as we do and not all are honest as we are. Disposing of old cars is effortless these days. At Car Collection Auckland we will pick from your place of work or residence.

Ph call us now for the best price and best service in auckland.

Also auctions sell wrecked cars and people will bid if the car is repairable however be warned the minimum commission will out weigh the price of the car so nothing is earned typically. Many people with damaged and old cars get caught in this manner when calling us first could be less hassles and more cash in their pocket plus we do all the hard yards at collecting and removing the vehicle.

So free car removal is alive and well. In truth, there are now so many types of auto removal companies that operate in any given day and not all auto removal companies are entirely qualified and insured to get the work carried out. This is why so many people use us as the motives of some auto removal companies are effectively-known in Auckland as a bit dubious.

Auckland car removals will will dispose of your recycled automobiles with environmental friendliness as our priority.

Scrap your car today - top prices paid -

Free of charge junk auto removal aids each homeowner to get rid of their unwanted automobiles in a really excellent way. The 2nd benefit you can get by consulting junk auto removal is you keep away from a lot more fees on the wreckage.

If you are looking to buy a new car this could help you Quite often the cars break down due to the gearbox failure of the car or if they have a water pump leak. Either way they are not able to be fixed so we come to collect them.

What happens when you have your car collected

Simply call us anytime on and talk to our friendly customer service team. They will be able to give you an estimate over the phone of what our company is willing to pay for your car. We will inform you on the legal process of disposing of a car.

Once the transaction is complete we will tow the vehicle to our yard to be dismantled and recycled.

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Cash For Cars. Need a car picked up? Ph Call us now for the best price and best service in Auckland. Car Collection Auckland Disposing of old cars is effortless these days. Thanks for reading.

Selling Your Car? Going overseas? Bought a new car? Car Shell Removal Free car shell removal Details.

Scrap Metal Removal Leave your scrap metal in your car! Came and picked up my car in 10mins very nice and friendly. We will inform you on the legal process of disposing of a car, we will need to see photo ID and have you a form that acknowledges you have sold the unwanted car to our car removal company.

We are the best car removal company to call!