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Female adults friends god please let me find someone wonderful am date girl who like champagne

Like Lisa, many of us experience loneliness, some more than others. The truth is that all people, no matter what their age — even the most outgoing, wealthy and popular — experience loneliness at least occasionally. But sporadic feelings along this line are light years away from facing the rejection of peers on a day in, day out basis.

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Help us grow our knowledge and love of you, especially the young. May we come to know and love you more. May our faith become personal, not hearsays, so that when you ask us, like Peter, we can also give the right answer about who you really are to each of us. Each of us is very personal to you. May You also be very personal to each one of us.

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Dear god, please bring true friends into my life, i am tired of being lonely and alone, no one seems to wnt to meet me or be with me unless they have a problem to solve and wish to meet me for that. There is no one who i can go to when i need someone, i need a home dear god, i have a very nice comfortable roof over my head and no dearth of food, and i am grateful for the same, but please god i do not like the guilt that goes with living under that roof and eating that food.

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Please Hod let my granddaughter find true fiends and acceptance. Let her feel the comfort of knowing she has a true friend to count on and cares for her. She is lonely and being ignored. Dear Jesus I thank you for my wonderful children but I have no adult connections.

I try to socialize but nobody seems to want to be my friend. No family or friends to talk to or go shopping or out with.

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Please help me to form a friendship with someone and keep it. People just seem to drop out of my life. Please bring her a nice boy who just wants to spend time with her and not anything else. Please mend her broken friendships with girls and please bring more true friends into her life. Bless my younger daughter with true friendships.

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May the toxic friends go elsewhere and she can have a nice circle of friends. Sometimes I feel the only thing to live for are my children but there should be more in life to look forward. Adult conversation sometimes.

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Please give me the tools to make connections and friends. Thank you for all that I have. Pray for me to have more friends and to be social. Lord i just pray for your help in school please Lord, I pray for new people, new friends, and a new best friend in my year. And Lord its really hard for me.

I pray this all in jesus name, Amen. I have a sweet little 9 year old boy, who needs other kids his age to play with. He is an only child he would love a sibling, but we are too old we have no neighbors his age and he is having a rough time at school. Please he is well mannered smart and loyal, qualities that are not valued, please St. Rita, St. David, St Anthony and Holy Mary as as mother help me make him less lonely and have a happy childhood. I need to make the right decisions for his future: should we move? At home there are health problems Dad, grandparents, uncle Please this is too much for him and for me.

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I need help. Dearest Father, Please send me a few, if not at least one…. I so desperatelly need a confidant and someone to express my feelings to. Someone to enjoy things with and share my family with. I am a true and loyal person. I have been left and betrays so many times, not to mention taken advantage of.

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I am 44 years old and have always been a likable person, but now I feel I have no one to trust. Please I so need some true, loving and loyal friends. In Christ name…. Thank you amen. I am a young lady that at one point in time had a lot of best friends. As a matter of fact, we all were so close, we were considered a family. One by one, each left, and I am down to only one friend.

But this friend is going through so much, I cannot speak with him or go out or enjoy the friendship at all. To be honest, these friends have all left because I have chosen to live for Christ, and I chose not to be influenced by sinful lifestyles. So please, pray with me, that God sends or at least helps me to come across some good Godly people I can be myself around, so I can smile and be happy again. In Jesus name, amen.

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He is a sweet, loving and caring child. I thank you so much. As I sit here and look at my beautiful daughter I can see her loneliness and sadness. She is so sweet, smart and kind but has such a difficult time making friends.

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All of her childhood friends have turned their back on her with no reason and it really traumatized her. I have prayed and cried many nights for a true friend with good intention and kindness to come into her life. I worry she we will become so sad and just give up and that thought is unimaginable to me as a mother. Please look upon her lord and bring a friend into her life. I Thank you for all the lovely friends you have given me till now, but I am in a new place and feel very lonely my lord.

I am far far away from home and need someone with me by my side lord. Dear God, I come to you in the Holy name of Jesus. I am sorry for them and humbly accept your forgiveness.

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I thank you for my loving family and ask You to please bless me with a caring and kind friend who I can share myself with. Help me me in that relationship that it will be one for a lifetime. Please bless my son with the ability to make a good friend.

Please bless him with a little boy who will love him unconditionally and be his childhood friend. He is such a sweet boy and deserves a friend. Also, I could use some girlfriends that I have something in common with.

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My life has changed and I need to find a friend who has healthy goals as well. Thank you for all of your blessings. Dear God. I have great faith on you. Pl grant good friends for my daughter and bless her soul. Thank You in Jesus name. Lord, I love you with all my heart but I need a friend. Someone to talk with, eat with and pal around with. I am so lonely. Father you have blessed me in so many ways and I am thankful. My life would be nothing without you. Can I ask that you bless me with a true friend as well? I thank you in the name of your son, Jesus.

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Dear Lord, I am praying for Godly friendships that will enhance my life. I thank you Lord for you give me the desires of my heart. In Jesus Name. I offer my hand in friendship. I am in the same predicament as you are. Maybe there is something we can share our thoughts.

Dear God, I thank u for all the wonderful things that u have given me…I am asking u for my friend back with whom i was happy all the time i ask u that please change his mind and make him my best friend and I need all the fun and happiness that we had together…please let him not fall in love with me but i need him as my good companion and best friend in my life…I need a person to share my worries and not to feel lonely at times.

Thank u god for listening to my prayers. Lord please help me find true friends that would understand and love me.