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Filipina woman looking up Falling in love with you was so unexpected especially for chatting

There are people who come into our lives in the most unexpected way, in ways we have never foreseen they would and then we fall in love with them and feel as if life could not proceed without them. We want to tell them how happy we are that they came into our lives during these time.

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These are inspirationalmotivational, wise, and funny unexpected love quotes, sayings, and proverbs that inspire us. The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly.

35 amazing quotes about finding love in unexpected places

Sometimes, someone comes into your life, so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever. The best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. The best kind of relationships begin unexpectedly.

Sometimes people are afraid of falling in love, because it sometimes comes in a way we never expected. It comes to you just at the right time; the time you never thought it would have. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will ever have.

30 unique quotes about unexpected love for her or him

I love you more than the distance between us, I love you more than any obstacle that could try and come between us. I love you the most.

The best thing about love is you unexpectedly fall for those who you never thought would mean the world to you. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way. Have you ever met someone that surprised you? Like, you meet this person, and at first you hardly pay any attention to them. You may not even really he attracted to this person, but as you get to know them, you notice yourself falling for them.

This person that was once average to you has quickly become the greatest, most beautiful person in the world, and perhaps even the most important. You never saw something like this coming, it kind of just…happend. Most people want to be circled by safety, not by the unexpected. The unexpected can take you out. But the unexpected can also take you over and change you life. Put a heart in your body where a stone used to be. Art, like lovemoves the heart in unexpected directions.

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. To fall in love you have to be in the state of mind for it to take, like a disease.

You never fall in love by yourself, love captures you. Love is like a lost object. But if you just forget about it momentarily, it will show up in the most unexpected way. Never expected to meet you. When I met you I never expected you to become my everything and more than I could have ever dreamed of. The beauty of love is that, You can fall into it with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. Sometimes two people find each other with both broken foundations, and they build together as a team to make a foundation that is indestructible.

Love can be found in unexpected places. We can be made to fear. But laughter explodes like aha! It comes when the punch line changes everything that has gone before, when two opposites collide and make a third, when we suddenly see a new reality. Einstein said he had to be very careful while shaving, because when he had an idea he laughed and he cut himself.

Laughter is an orgasm of the mind. Love comes to you just at the right time the time you never thought it would have. One of the most amazing feelings in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a change with. Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.

Sometimes the most beautiful thing is precisely the one that comes unexpectedly and unearned, hence something given truly as a present. The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in.

I have given the quest for love. Because hopefully love will find me one day. Totally unexpected, astonishing and breathtaking. Every true love and friendship is a story of unexpected transformation. When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure.

The best love is unexpected. The best love story is when you fall in love with most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. Unrequited affection is very painful for the lover, but it can have unexpected, creative consequences. Love was destined and would strike as true as unexpected lightning on a clear day or never come at all.

I hope you enjoyed our gathered collection of the best unexpected love quotes.

Heartwarming unexpected love quotes

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Quotes on sudden love from songs

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