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Extra discount! Discover the capital city of Oslo and its cultural delights.

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A new global holiday trend is to globetrot really far away — often deep into the wilds.

2. tromsø and the land of the northern lights

Some even dare to venture to places with dodgy mobile phone coverage. Carlo Aall is a professor at Aarhus University in Denmark and head of climate research at Vestlandsforsking. More and more fly to countries on the other side of the globe to see unique natural phenomenon — before flying home to the daily grind a few days later.

If you read travel features in the newspapers you soon realize that this is the way to impress your friends and neighbours. Adventure or experience travel is often about nature and perhaps some thrilling outdoor recreation like rafting. Preferably through unspoiled nature. But for the environment, it is actually better if you are packed into a fully booked charter flight to the Canaries or Crete than stretching your legs on a half-full plane to the other side of the Earth before driving into the jungle in a fuel-guzzling Land Rover.

Cruise tourists spend less

Hotels often ask us to help save the environment by using the same towels for a couple of days in a row. The professor fears there is a conflict here. Norwegians are among the advancing multitudes of tourists who cross expanses of sky to reach holiday destinations.

But more and more jets are in similar multiple-hour flight paths, but vectored in the opposite direction. The of Chinese coming to Norway has skyrocketed.

1. stadtlandet and vågsøy

Both he and his colleague Aall are concerned about the carbon footprints left by globetrotting tourists. To create a sustainable trade, Norwegian organizers of adventure holidays who try to attract tourists to their fjords and rivers and mountains need to think creatively. The Chinese are very sensitive to cost increases.

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The Lund University professor mentions research on tourists in Sweden. Starting from the Netherlands you can reach the Norwegian mountains by train. In Norway, instead of being flown into out-of-the-way mountains by helicopter, you can strap on your skis at a train station and trek into the mountains.

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This type of tourism is not so energy intensive. Even though many rural areas have started to be overgrown and trees block some of the vista points, there are still plenty with thriving, picturesque agricultural landscapes.

It is still possible to experience this in Norway. The paradoxical relationship between nature-loving experiences and harm to nature was raised by representatives of this tourist trade niche at the conference in Sogndal. He suggested in his presentation that the trade needs to call a time-out to ask itself how it intends to solve the paradox between experiencing nature and destroying it.

Researchers take tourism to a higher level

Read the Norwegian version of this article at forskning. When research hooks up with the travel business, tourists can expect much more meaningful experiences.

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This is seen in research on whale safari tourism. More and more cruise ships visit the fjords of Western Norway. But cruise tourists only spend a fraction of what other tourists spend.

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Tourists release or throw out as much as 60 percent of the coastal cod caught in Northern Norway. Norwegian national planners have a tendency to tout the importance of tourism for northern Norway.

Let’s take a look at the most romantic places in norway

But tourism does not necessarily make a local community in the North more vigorous. This year marks the solar maximum, the peak in the 11 year cycle of solar activity and the possibility of spectacular auroral displays.

And tourists keep coming. The experience of actually standing at the foot of Kilimanjaro in Kenya and seeing a herd of pachyderms can give you goose bumps.

Norway in 8 days

Tourists are increasingly eager to reach exotic destinations. But their carbon footprints are far more elephantine than anything the largest land mammals can make. Siw Ellen Jakobsen. November - Frequently these travels are touted as green, back-to-nature ventures. Lambs are raised, slaughtered and eaten.

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Norway should place a greater emphasis on this type of tourism and be more oriented towards closer markets, suggest tourist researchers. Photo: Magnar Kirknes, Scanpix. University of Oslo. Powered by Labrador CMS.