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Is there a feeling more disappointing than realizing what you thought was a burgeoning romance was, in fact, not? Typically, it describes something that happens relatively early on in a period of closeness between two people — one where one person sees that closeness as sexually or romantically tinged, while the other does not.

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So, you were put in the friend zone, huh? Did you ever stop to think maybe that could be a good thing?

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10 differences between the person you date and the person you friendzone

Maybe you think this one will finally! Things are working out. Is it cool if we take this down a notch and proceed as friends?

And this is what makes the friend zone complicated to talk about. Because from a biological and psychological standpoint, sure.

The friend zone totally exists. The experience of being rejected is a real thing.

Everything you need to know about the friend zone

But taking a sociocultural lens helps us understand how our conceptualizing of an idea affects and even harms other people. That makes our brain pump out dopamine a pleasure-seeking hormonewhich then produces norepinephrine which makes us highly excitable and prone to memory-making.

But during a love rejection, while the hormones that make us anxious are high, and the ones that keep us stable are low, our emotions are left running high without reward.

Often, searching for one gets us nowhere but sitting with intensely anxious, and even angry, emotions. Having a strong negative reaction to being rejected is normal in fact, after a breakup, 40 percent of people experience moderate depressive symptoms, and 12 percent of people experience severe ones. But experiencing rejection in and of itself is also normal. The former acknowledges a common human experience with empathy and compassion, both for you and the person who rejected you.

The “friend zone” is real, but not what you think

The derision with which we talk about the friend zone says a lot about how we think about it. Many people see it as an offense that one person commits against another. And this especially shows up in relationships between men especially the more social power they hold on axes like race and orientation and gender minorities, where men have been socialized to feel entitled to sexual or romantic relationships with whomever they want, thanks to perceptions shaped by the media seriously, have you ever seen a rom-com?

The idea of the friend zone in particular, as a subset or specific experience of love rejection, implies several untruths that need to be interrogated:. At the heart of the friend zone is the notion that friendship is an inferior position. That one is demoted there.

But the truth is: Friendship is valuable. Platonic intimacy — and particularly our desire for it — may be making a comeback.

The myth of the friend zone

Equalizing its importance — seeing friendship not as supplemental, but as central — will take us a long way from believing the friend zone is an embarrassment. When I was in high school, I had a good friend who was very much in love with me.

He was a wonderful person, and I loved spending time with him. Being kind to someone — indeed, being a friend!

How to get out of her friend zone: make her fall for you

Entitlement is the idea that those of us who hold social power men, white people, etc. People have autonomy — needs, boundaries, and desires — which include the right to choose how their time, energy, and bodies operate.

Entitlement — the idea that we deserve something and should expect to receive it — has no place in relationships. Take a relationship anarchist approach: All relationship structures are equal, rather than hierarchical, and how we approach each relationship in regard to what it includes is determined mutually and respectfully. And we should all feel honored to be included in any zone that someone we love offers. Melissa Fabello, PhD, is a social justice activist whose work focuses on body politics, beauty culture, and eating disorders.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Why are bad dates so memorable? Turns out it has something to do with our brain juice and how it flows and charges the situation. Writer Anna Lee…. It was an exercise in hedonism, narcissism, and unbridled selfishness.

Here's why getting friend-zoned will actually do wonders for your dating life

A journey that didn't help with self-love at all until I hired a trainer for…. Written by Melissa A. Fabello on June 10, Welcome to the friend zone. We have to be careful about how we think and talk about the friend zone experience. Reframe the friend zone.

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