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The team at YouTube. GMB witness migrant dinghy dangerously carrying thirteen people.

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Specifically, the team was interested in testing the unsettling theory that, in the world of online dating, women are most afraid that their date will turn out to be a serial killer whereas men are most afraid that their date will be overweight. The team found a thin woman and a thin man to play along.

Using photographs of the two, the team attracted a host of potential male dates for the woman and potential female dates for the man. Then the team applied prosthetics and padding to make the man and woman look heavier in real life than they did in their photographs.

Then the dates happened. Yes, all the female dates verbally acknowledged that their male date did not look the way they had expected him to look, but the women were WAY COOLER about this unexpected turn of events. This is not disrespect and hate these men have been carrying around since birth.

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This behavior is learned. We are brainwashing our little boys from the cradle on to believe that the worst possible thing that can happen on a date is for the girl in question to be bigger than expected. The prosthetics and padding worn by both the male and female subject looked pretty obviously fake I was actually surprised that 0 out of the 10 subjects caught on to what was going on and overall was just a sloppy way of portraying what a bigger woman or man looks like.

Particularly how gorgeous and awesome curves and bigger bodies can be. Fat suits, by nature, are cartoonish and distorting devices.

And this experiment was deed for the sole purpose of showing how messed up the world is to the plus-sized community in particular, plus-sized women and we already KNOW the world is messed up in this particular way.

This experiment seems to sympathize with larger bodies, but I worry that what it really does is disempower this community. I want this community to be empowered on the regular. So maybe we can start by retiring the dumb-like-whoa fat suit.

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