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These are all bound to be heard while watching a rodeo.

Cowgirl dating quotes

So what do these phrases or rodeo terms mean? Let us help you! These are 29 rodeo terms you show know before you attend your next rodeo in Kissimmee! The sport of rodeo has seven unique and complex events, all bearing their own rules and terms.

10 things you must know before dating a rodeo cowboy

These terms will help you better understand the events, event standings, and calls the judges might make. We know that is a lot to digest. If you know these rodeo terms, you are one step closer to becoming a pro.

We hope to see you for our next rodeo in Kissimmee! Check out the website for all event details and our latest rodeo news. Follow us.

Average: Usually used to describe the aggregate score for a contestant who competed in more than one round, e. Bronc: Synonymous to the word bronco, this term is used to describe an untamed horse that habitually bucks. Bulldogging: Another term for steer wrestling.

Bull riding quotes and sayings

Bullfighter: An athlete who protects the bull rider after he dismounts or is bucked off by distracting the bull and directing its attention to the exit gate. Chute : The pen that holds bulls, horses, steers and calves before each rodeo event.

Cloverleaf pattern: The name of the pattern riders have to run in barrel racing. Draw: Each roughstock competitor who enters a PRCA rodeo is ased a specific bucking horse or bull in a random draw conducted at PRCA headquarters three days before the rodeo; each timed-event contestant is ased a calf or steer in a random draw on site, shortly before each performance of a rodeo begins.

Flank strap: A soft sheepskin strap that encourages the animal to kick out behind itself rather than rear upproviding a safer, showier ride. The free hand must stay in the air throughout the ride. If it touches the bull or the bull rider before eight seconds elapse, the rider is disqualified and receives no score.

Go-Around: Many rodeos have more than one round of competition; each is called a go-around, or go-round, and all cowboys entered in that rodeo compete in each go-round unless there is a semi-final, final or progressive round. Hazer: This is the cowboy who keeps the steer running straight in steer wrestling. The judges determine times for runs in the timed events and scores for rides in the roughstock events, record penalties for any infractions of the rules, and inspect the arena, chutes and livestock before each competition.

The bull rider

No score: This occurs when the rider falls off the stock before eight seconds in rough stock events or misses the steer in timed events. Penalty: In timed events, common penalties include 10 seconds for breaking the barrier and, in team roping, five seconds for a one-hind-leg catch. Re-ride: If a rider receives a low score due to poor performance from the bull or bronc, they will be given the chance to do a re-ride.

Rough stock events: This refers to the rodeo events that involve bucking horses and bulls. Stock contractors: The companies that bring livestock to the arena for rodeos — bucking horses and bulls for the roughstock events and steers and calves for the timed events.

The longest ride

Tipping a barrel: In barrel racing, riders have to go around three barrels. If riders stop the barrel from falling over, they will avoid the penalty.

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