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Investment Tips - Champagne - January

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Cristal, which is a champagne produced by Louis Roederer, is known for its exclusivity and expensive taste. While most champagne used to come in dark green glass bottles, Cristal was introduced in a clear flat-bottom bottle.

The reason that Roederer deed it this way was that a tsar of Russia requested to be able to see the bubbles in the champagne. However, his real reason behind this was so that he could ensure there were no bombs inside the bottle since he was terrified of being assassinated.

A one-off option

Because this champagne was made specifically for royalty and has a distinctive bottle and label de as well as taste, it has remained one of the most popular and most expensive types of champagnes available today. However, some vintage bottles can reach well into the thousands, just like any other prominent wine brands.

We researched the Internet and we were able to find some vintage bottles, along with newer bottles. We included the price we had found in the table below:.

Cristal, the brand name of a Champagne produced by Roederer, includes a flat-bottomed, clear, crystal bottle, anti-UV cellophane wrapper, and gold label. Cristal was first created in for Alexander II of Russia.

How much did you spend?

The grapes are sourced from older low yielding vines and are cropped at the beginning. In the winery, all blocks are fermented.

A bottle of Cristal has a vibrant and mouthwatering taste and considered to have a dry and bubbly finesse. Flavors can include apple, lemon zest, orange peel, raspberry, white chocolate and pastry dough.

Store the wine in an area at a steady temperature, such as a fridge or wine cellar. There are also some wine companies that provide wine storage to those who do not have the means to do so.

Sublime quality

Store your bottles horizontally. This keeps the cork moist, which in turn, prevents unwanted air from entering into the bottle and marring the taste of the wine. Do not leave the bottle in the freezer; if the contents freeze and expand, the bottle could crack.

Cristal is one of the many types of champagne or wine that has a unique and vintage label. To keep this label from getting damaged, keep the bottle out of humidity as much as possible.

You can also cover the label with plastic to protect it. With so many wines on the market, Cristal tends to be expensive because of the celebrity image attached to it.

If you can, try to test the wine before investing in a bottle if purchasing it for taste purposes. Since purchasing wine online is next to impossible, it is best to either call up a few local wine retailers or visit them in person to see what kind of deal you can take advantage of.

In the world of wines, as you may know, there are thousands of choices.

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Was it worth it? The perfect champaigne to celebrate a great year.