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Christianity carries in its DNA the radical notion of universal human dignity, rooted in the theological view that all are made in the image and likeness of God Imago Dei.

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Of course, having confidence and being mentally strong will undoubtedly help you maintain your sobriety. More and more studies have linked good friends to good health, including a lower risk of anxiety and depression and, of course, loneliness. Friendships can be a powerful part of. And, along the same lines, recovery is a long, hard road for both you and your loved one with a substance.

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We are an online global network of embodied mystical practitioners on the evolving Christian path, coming together in WeSpace groups in devotion and engagement with Jesus, spiritual guides, and one another through Whole-Body Mystical Awakening and Integral Prayer.

In response to this isolation and in our hope to help provide new pathways forward, we are gathering people together in a new network. We seek to connect integral Christians in embodied mystical practice and provide a staging ground for the further evolution of Christianity. Christianity began in a blaze of mystical experiences which resulted in the first followers of Jesus gathering together often to further experience the presence of God in and through the living presence of Jesus.

We have found that Whole-Body Mystical Awakening practice individually and in conscious engagement with others on the same journey in WeSpace practice is vastly transforming. Or learn more about WeSpace communities and practice.

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Loved ones

Learn more. Luke Healy. What We Are About to Know.

Evolving Christians often find themselves lonely. Family and church members start praying you will come to your senses and return to Christianity.

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Come experience it for yourself! Network of Practitioners.

Connect with other Christians who are seeking to express evolved Christianity in their own lives and contexts. Enter our online community .

Global christian networks for human dignity

For WeSpace members only. Learn from one another as we engage in collective discovery of the emergent future of Christian community and practice.

Support one another through the often lonely terrain of mystical living. WeSpace Communities Online and local groups of mystical practice participating in Embodied Awakening, in devotion and engagement with divine presence: Jesus, spiritual guides, and one another. Sharing life, forming connections and relationships with other like-hearted people on the journey of loving evolution.

Evolving consciousness through whole-body mystical awakening practices, engaged in the space among us, not just within. a WeSpace Group.

Our work is possible through generous donations from people like you — who believe in fostering mystical emergence and the loving evolution of Christianity — and want to be a part of seeing it grow. View fullsize.