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Dancer baby Change my myspace picture for guy especially for phish

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With Myspace being as popular as it is, many websites are springing up offering pre-made profile layouts that you can copy and paste onto your profile to make it look better.

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I read your earlier article about how to change your default MySpace profile photobut the suggestions did not help me at all. Can you post an updated tutorial, please?

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Congratulations, you have found one of the biggest challenges of writing about Web sites: they keep changing. I hate it too. Hey Dave, stumbled onto your site regarding the simple MySpace featured picture question. Thanks for what you do. Starbucks makes good money there.

I have one class where we do nothing but sit at a computer for about 40 minutes.

Step 1: the basics.

When we have free time, everything fun is blocked. That makes me feel stupid. I also know how to spell just fine, I think that Paris Bias does too. Oh, and you made 3 mistakes. I think not. Hi, How do you change myspace music profile pics,theres no set as default in the nav bar? Its a great website uv got! Heres my umble offering:myspace. I am using safari on a mac and the set as default button is not there. I really want to change my profile picture. Do you know how I can do this with safari. How do I change that picture?

I have tried more times, than I care to remember, with absolutely no success. I cannot believe how easy it was to change profile pic.

Managing your photos

I spent hours trying to figure it out, until tonight. Is it possible to close the space where picturetrails used to be? Thanks, Jamie. At least, this is when using OS X To Paris Bias.

You have plenty to do in school. You need to study Englsh grammer. I say this in love. The correct way: Hi, how are you? I wanted to know how I can geton MySpace at school. See how nice and correct that sounds. Best wishes for your future. Thank you!!!

Following your instructions does not change my default picture. It used to work. Perhaps there is a problem with Myspace. Also, you should put dates with your instructions else nobody will know as of what date something applies. Personally, I am done with MySpace. My small 6-figure a year programming mind is not smart enough to handle such trivial tasks, so I will leave to the 10 year-olds.

Good luck. Hey how are you i wanted to know how can i get on myspace at school we be board when we dont do nothing. September 28, at am. May 6, at am. Martie van Graan says:.

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Myspace question

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Introduction: how to edit your myspace background

June 24, at pm. June 9, at am. June 4, at pm. Hil says:. January 17, at pm.

Myspace answer

December 23, at am. Jamie says:. December 12, at am.

TOny Vose says:. October 19, at pm. Tina Williams says:. September 14, at pm. Michelle says:. August 2, at am. July 20, at am. Torie says:.

How do i change my myspace profile picture?

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