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Enough of the scenery pics. This is me drinking a Big Ass Beer.

And, no, I didn't name it. That is what it is called! It took up half my face haha! Ilford ortho plus. Explore Calendar. Hope everyone has a good week so far! Can't wait but still lots of last min stuff to do over the weekend.

Big ass stock photos

Hope u all have a great weekend ahead. Have a fun friday! Found this guy which was about " long and an inch and about 2" in circumference walking along the edge of a trail next to some woods. Rumored to have found it's way to Deadass Junction LTD, 25 pictures backa warehouse in Stockton full of old neon s and bric-a-brac, no one really knows because the former owner of Deadass Junction, Dan Franco, passed away in and all of his stuff was auctioned off This particular angle was asked of my my Dad who was at the event with me.

See, good things do happen if you listen to your parents. I like this head on angle too. Yes, intentionally left the lens flare and all that in.

I admit it, I like it and don't care how distracting some will find it ; I kinda like to see the limitations of the equipment. I haven't pulled an all-nighter like this in so long that I can't even remember when. Possibly not since college.

It was awesome. I paid for the overnight to sleep inside the ship but when they said we didn't have to sleep and could investigate and explore as much as we wanted, well, there was no sleep to be found.

I took this shot at about 4AM during an incredible lightening storm that went on the entire night from dusk until dawn. Sat on the deck of the ship with my Dad and just watched the storm.

Big ass stock photos are available royalty-free.

Some info this this Legend Trips, www. One of just three Des Moines-class heavy cruisers ever built, she was the last all-gun heavy cruiser to enter commission. Nearly everyone who has investigated theSalem has returned with some kind of experience and numerous examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena EVPbut this is also one location where ghosts appear to be seen as much as heard.

Apparitions are reported throughout the ship. I like big butts, I cannot lie! I spotted this lovely beast while on a job in London, Ontario. Most 'wood delete' Buick Roadmaster Estate wagons I've seen are in rough shape but this was near immaculate. Even the bumper strips which love to fall off were all present on this one.

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I love the nice shade of green too. This is a view that was restricted while the Olympics were on. Situated in the athletes village with some other cool stuff still waiting to be shot. The BC lions and the Vancouver whitecaps will play at Empire field as seen in a few shots posted earlier.

I've dropped by a few times to look for dragonflies, and this time I found a whopping big bullfrog that didn't mind humans. South Lake Tahoe, Ca. June, I'm getting to the mountains before everything is shut down again! And yes, I'm following all possible precautions, except for actually staying home. Explore Trending Events More More. Big Ass Panoramas.

Big ass honky tonk by Bill Dickinson. Big Ass Beer by Michelle Wright. Big ass sticker!

A total of 8 stickers. Big ass knistt tag by Hyezilla The Hunn. Big-ass-panoramic-with-compression-effect by Eric Verheul. Big ass bucketz by Mark. Big Ass Pinball! Old City Philadelphia. Highest Position - Explore 1 Big ass by Mark Mann.

Big ass in thong by Mark Mann. Big ass jeans by Sole Seducer. Another long lost memory Big ass booty by coolochaves1. Big ass by Kett Blue.

Big Ass Dandelion by Scott Hart. It's actually a bike rack. Good Big Ass by Kirill Kuznetsov. Turneffe Atoll, Belize. My wife next to a large barrel sponge. Belize diving is excellent.

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I'll admit it I'm a collector Fillmore posters Ass by Love hard! Give me money please.

Big Ass Guns by Frank Grace. Big ass car! Big Ass. First shot, you see, I took with my new 50mm 1.

Big ass chairs by Eyesplash - Summer was a blast, for 6 million view. The photos below are from the deflation of the roof at BC place stadium.

It will be replaced by an open air one by Taken during our shopping expedition to Miranda. I really rather like this one, so I thought I'd share it. Florence11 by delosk. Nothing like soaking in the cool waters in s grass skirt eating a big ass sammich!!

Big Ass Lincoln by Vince Montalbano autofocus. Lincoln Continental convertible. Big-Ass Grasshopper by F Delventhal.