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A guy's regrets over moving in with his girlfriend are compounded when she dies and comes back as a zombie.

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Kristen met the late Star Trek actor when they starred together in thriller Fierce People. Kristen later said in a documentary paying tribute to the star: 'He kind of broke my heart.

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The death on Sunday of the actor Anton Yelchin, crushed when his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backward down his driveway, has lent a new sense of urgency to a recall announced in April.

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And it has prompted Fiat Chrysler to accelerate its plans to modify gearshifts in 1. On Wednesday, Fiat Chrysler said it would begin notifying vehicle owners later this week about scheduling software repairs aimed at preventing accidents caused by the misuse of a confusing gearshift mechanism. By industry standards, the recall had already been proceeding at what might be considered a standard, if measured pace.

But Chrysler, already operating under a federal consent decree for falling short in past recalls, could not risk another accident involving the gearshifts.

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In its update Wednesday, the company did not mention Mr. A company spokesman, Eric Mayne, on Wednesday declined to say how the death of Mr. Mayne said on Wednesday, without providing further details on the decision. Those include Jeep Grand Cherokee S. Aboutof the affected vehicles are in the United States, and more thanothers are in Canada, Mexico and international markets.

By the time the recall was announced in April, the automaker had received complaints related to the shifter issue, including more than crashes and at least 41 injuries. But Mr. But Fiat Chrysler had more than bad publicity to contend with.

The of vehicle recalls has multiplied in the United States sincewhen General Motors recalled millions of small cars with faulty ignitions that were ultimately tied to deaths. All told, the industry set a record of more than 60 million vehicles recalled that year, prompting federal regulators to step up their enforcement practices on safety violations.

Anton yelchin

Other government agencies, including the Justice Department, have also increased their scrutiny of the way car companies investigate and repair safety defects. Fiat Chrysler has a lot at stake in reassuring consumers on the affected models, particularly the Grand Cherokee, one of its most profitable and best-selling vehicles.

So far this year, sales of Jeep S. Mayne, the company spokesman, said Fiat Chrysler had ly mailed out specific brochures to owners of the recalled Jeeps that explained how to properly shift their vehicles. It is not yet known whether Mr. Yelchin had received the mailing, or was aware his Jeep Grand Cherokee was included in the recall.

Yet while it promised to conduct a thorough investigation, it became clear the company needed to address its recall plans quickly and publicly.

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In its statement on Wednesday, the company said it had begun last week to provide its 2, dealers in the United States with the software required to modify the electronic gearshifts. The software will be available first for recalled vehicles with 3.

Service for vehicles with other engine types is imminent, the company said, without providing further details. Brauer of Kelley Blue Book said that the accelerated recall may have been in the planning stages, but that the company left itself open to criticism by not publicizing the changes until after Mr. Yelchin died. Daily Business Briefing.

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