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Emotional detachment or emotional disconnection can be a mental disorder and is defined as the inability to connect to others on an emotional level and a means of coping with anxiety by avoiding certain situations that trigger it. When people can detach themselves emotionally from a situation or circumstance, they can often react calmly and logically.

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What is a support group? A support group is any gathering of people who have similar interests or issues. They may be professionally supervised, as with a counselor or therapist, or may be independently organized by a church or a community group.

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Emotional detachment refers to the inability of a person to fully engage with feelings of their own or those of others.

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This article discusses the s and symptoms, as well as the potential causes, of emotional detachment. Emotional detachment is a psychological condition in which a person is not able to fully engage with their feelings or the feelings of others. It can be ongoing, as it is in people with attachment disorders, or it can be a temporary response to an extreme situation.

Emotional detachment can present itself in a variety of ways. The following sections will outline these in more detail.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrycan develop two types of attachment disorder:. Children may develop reactive attachment disorder RAD due to negative experiences with adults in their early years.

The causes of emotional detachment can depend on whether it is part of a larger attachment disorder or a temporary response to a specific situation. Children may have a greater chance of developing attachment disorders and emotional detachment if they experience difficult circumstances in early life, such as:. Those experiencing emotional detachment may feel emotionally numb.

Symptoms of emotional attachment disorder

However, emotional detachment does not always occur due to a mental health condition or attachment disorder. According to some researchlong-term use of antidepressants can cause side effects.

However, it can be beneficial for a person to distance themselves emotionally in some professions. For example, for those who work in the healthcare profession, regulating their emotions can be beneficial to prevent burnout and help maintain their mental well-being.

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Some people may also become emotionally detached in order to live through traumatic situations. However, a person should seek treatment to ensure that this does not become permanent.

They will also ask how long this has lasted. If the person isthe treatment plan will typically include other members of their family.

Find a support group for emotional support

For adults, treatment depends on whether the emotional detachment is in response to a specific situation or part of an ongoing pattern. Concerns about mental health are very common, with 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiencing a diagnosable condition each year. For individuals dealing with emotional detachment due to specific situations, such as a health crisis, making sure that they have the support they need in the moment is vital. People who develop emotional detachment as a result of a traumatic experience can have a difficult time learning how to connect with other people and give themselves permission to fully experience their feelings.

Emotional detachment can be a serious mental health challenge, particularly when it develops during childhood.

People with emotional detachment can experience great hardship, but there is hope through treatment. Emotional detachment can also be a reasonable choice when people are contending with difficult situations.

12 s you are emotionally detached from your relationship and how you can fix it

PTSD is triggered by a traumatic event. This may be an aggressive incident or conflict situation, or it could result from the loss of a loved one. Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects both the people with it and those who care for them. Learn how to care for those with…. Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms occur when a person stops taking or drastically reduces their dose of antidepressants. Learn more in this article. Depression can occur in anyone, including children.

New phone who dis?: is being “emotionally unavailable” holding you back?

In this article, learn about the s and symptoms of depression in children, as well as how to…. What to know about emotional detachment. Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. What is it?

Causes Can it be positive? Diagnosis Treatment Seeking help Outlook Summary Emotional detachment refers to the inability of a person to fully engage with feelings of their own or those of others. Share on Pinterest A person with emotional detachment may experience challenging intimate relationships.

s and symptoms.

What can cause emotional detachment? Can it be positive? When to seek help. Depression Mental Health. International study links ultra-processed foods with IBD risk.

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